7 Best Special Education Online Course in India

Looking for the best special education online course in India to become a certified teacher or new skill learner?

Special Education is a new education system designed for disabled children so that they can live a normal life. Becoming a disabled teacher is a good decision because you want to help those who are physically and mentally challenged.

But to become a disabled teacher you need to have a set of skills and practice that give you an understanding of the special education system.

Our team has compiled the list of best online special education courses in India according to your needs. Some courses come with a diploma, while others come with certificates. You can choose according to your preferences.

7 Best Special Education Online Course in India

Here is the list

1.Special Education in India by Asian College of techer [plus certificate]

First on the list is an outstanding online certified special education course designed by the Asain College. The course contains everything you need to become a certified teacher for people with disabilities in India.

Training classes are delivered by industry experts and The course is flexible across the globe and takes 5 months to complete. The trainer will teach you how to nurture the social skills of special students and boost their self-confidence.

After completing the course, the support staff helps you find a job anywhere in the world with a diploma certificate.

Some key topics covered in the course:

  • Introduction of the special education
  • Different Corner where you need to work as special educator
  • Special education laws for teachers

Certificate: Yes

Fee: 20000

Suitable for: Teachers

2.Special education course by Syayam [For 10+2]

As you know, Swayam is a government-approved platform that offers a variety of courses online. They also offer a free special education course that comes with a government-approved certificate. This course is taught by Mrs.Kavitha Kiran, a teacher who has been working as a diable educator for many years.

The course is for the undergraduate level means if you have passed 10+2 you can sign up for this course.

Here are some important topics you will learn in the course.

  • Introduction to developmental challenges in children
  • Behavior disorders
  • Welfare organization
  • Hearing impairment
  • Introduction to special education

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Free

Suitable for: 10+2 students

3. Working with students with special educational need by Alison [ free]

For those who don’t want to spend a penny on a special education certificate, this free Alison course is for you. This online course is specially designed for the beginner that teaches in-depth educational psychology of special children which can help you to better understanding.

The free course has been taken by 95,954 students.

Note: To successfully complete the free certificate course, you must score at least 80% on each assessment.

In this free online course, you will learn

  • A brief overview of special education
  • Learning disabilities
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Physical disabilities and sensory impairments

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Free

Suitable for: For all

4.Special education 101 for teachers by Udemy

This is the comprehensive course for teachers provided by udemy. If you are a beginner and want to sharpen your basic skill of teaching special children then this comprehensive course is right for you.

However, the course doesn’t have lots of enrolled students but the trusted instructor Hannah Emmett she is a full-time professor in the field shares his experience in this course.

The course is divided into 28 sections and cover the following topic

  • History of the special education system
  • Special education law
  • Role of parent and stakeholder 
  • Overrepresentation of minorities in special education
  • Learning theories 
  • Methods of special education

Overall, for Indians, this course is affordable to learn the basics of the special education system.

Certificate: Yes

Fee: 700

Suitable for: Teachers

5.Supporting Children with difficulties in reading and writing

This is another famous course with a special purpose to support the special children in reading and writing.in cause you are panic about the course quality, The University of London is offered this course.

Dr. Jennifer Thompson is the leading instructor of this course.

With a large number of enrolled students(82,571), this course is excellent for Indians who are serious about the process of reading and writing special children.

The course comes with 6 modules and each focus on the following topics

  • Introduction of course 
  • Psychological and social aspects of special children
  • Practical approaches used to teach special children
  • Students skills

Certificate: Yes

Fee: sign up free and for certificate, you have to pay.

Suitable for: Teachers

6.Disability inclusion in Education:Building Systems of support

This course from Coursera is entirely focused on the education system of disabled children in India and it is offered by the University of Cape Town under the vision of instructor Judith McKenzie.

Teachers can use the course to meet the needs of students with hearing, vision, and intellectual disabilities.

Furthermore, you will learn the following topics

  • Inclusive education and special education 
  • Supporting disability inclusion
  • Systemic support for educators
  • Principles and approaches for disability inclusion

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Sign up for free, you have to pay for Certificate

Suitable for: Teachers

7.Skill development therapy for Children with Special need

Detail is definitely a word to describe this course. The course teaches you how to combine therapy that works on five areas: cognitive skill, speech and language skill, social skill, and sensory skill for special children. This course is taught by Indian instructor sadhana Dharmaraj, who has experience teaching special children in different parts of India.

There are 16 lectures and each one covers every topic in detail so that you will get the most out of the course.

As this course is the best to suit for Indian and cover the following topics

  • Skill developmental therapy
  • Child developmental milestones
  • Motor development
  • Speech and language development
  • Cognitive development

Certificate: Yes

Fee: 700

Suitable for: Teacher


Everyone has the right to education and to become a special education teacher is a strong decision. The course that is mentioned is the best online course for special education in India you can choose according to your preference and qualification.