8 Best Online Train the Trainer Course in India

Are you looking for the best train the trainer course in India?

Do you want to set up your career as a train the trainer in India?

Training is a high-level profession because the people who you train totally follow your instructions. If you teach them something wrong, it will adversely affect your career or their emotions.

Basically, The term “train the trainer” is used to refer to the need to provide people who offer training and instruction with the training of their own so that they can provide suitable education to their students.

It is important to find the course that helps you become a perfect train of trainers.

So, today we have compiled the course that will definitely teach you how to become a professional train the trainer. All the courses that we mentioned are reviewed by enrolled students and by our team.

So let’s dive in:

What are the Best Train the Trainer Course in India?

Here is the list:

1.The Complete Train the Trainer Bootcamp-Beginners-Advanced [Udemy]

First on the list is the Udemy course, There is no doubt that Udemy is one of the best learning platforms out there and probably is the most famous among students who want to learn skills in many different things such as teacher training, programming, fitness training, and many more.

The course is the clear winner on the list and has been taken by 31,805 students around the world. This course is created by TJ walker who has created best selling course in the field of personal development, Public speaking, presentation skill, media training, and communication skills.

In this in-depth course of 34 hours, you will learn the following topics

  • Basic of train the training career
  • How to handle all questions  during  the training with skill
  • Nuts and bolts of training
  • Intermediate trainers
  • Advance and seasoned trainer
  • How to present the skills for trainers
  • How eliminate the fear of presenting 
  • How to presentation skills for one on one talks

2.Train the Trainer 101: For Beginners only![Udemy]

If you are just starting out and do not know the ABCs of the train to trainer, then this course is for you. This Udemy course is best suited to beginners since it is created by another expert, Jason Teteak, who gave the TEDx talk popularized by the media.

The course has a reasonable number of enrolled students (5271) and many positive reviews.

The course will walk you through every concept of the trainee to the trainer.

Here are some important topics of the course:

  • How to capture the attention of the audience
  • How to work on your body language
  • How to answer any question every is you don’t the answer
  • How to teach all learners
  • How to manage class room

3.Indian Leadership Academy

 The process of training is not only a requirement to become a trainer, but you also have a certificate to prove it. If you want to become a certified train the trainer, then this course is for you.

There is no better train-to-train program in India. Experts who have been working in corporate and learning have designed this course.

The founder of this course is Kaushik Mahapatra who is India’s one of the most successful corporate trainers and international coaches

The course contains four-level and you will learn:

  • Soft skills of trainer with certificate
  • International trainer and coach certification
  • Mentoring Program for trainer and Coach
  • master trainer certification workshop

4.Train the Trainer:Trainer delivery Certificate[Futurelearning]

No matter what profession you are in, there is always a chance to improve and gain extra knowledge that will boost your skills, as well as improve your financial situation.

By delivering this course, futurelearning identifies how to deliver a comprehensive range of learning outcomes for a range of learners.

Topics covered in this 5-week course include:

  • Basic principles of learning 
  • Maximizing learning and inclusion teaching 
  • Delivering training in the classroom or remotely 
  • Providing feedback 
  • Assessment mentors and principles

Check the starting date of the course before enrolling.

5.British Acedemy for the English Language

Since English is such a broad subject, there are many areas where you as an English trainer need improvements such as including grammar, vocabulary, and much more.

This course comes from the forefathers of the English. The British Academy of English Language (BAFEL) offers a course that will teach you new words, advanced English grammar, and the new technique of developing new words.

Taking this course improves the quality of training, methodology, and English teaching.

Furthermore, for English India teachers, it is challenging to stay up to date with every immersion change in English subjects. This course comes directly from the core of English, so it is the best course for someone who is passionate about English.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to improve accuracy in English
  • How to expand the vocabulary of a student
  • How to improve the conversational skills of the student
  • Ensuring daily communication 
  • Ensuring fluency while speaking

6.Train the Trainer PRO: No Beginners Allowed [Udemy]

This is the higher-level course on the list. If you want to learn some advanced training skills, this course is for you. The instructor of this course is a well-known internet personality, a Youtuber named Jason Teak. He explores the works of trainees in more depth in this course.

He will teach you how to hook your class and get them interested in what you are about to teach, how to satisfy the class, and how to overcome the nervousness of trainees.

Furthermore, this course is divided into eight modules and cover the following topics

  • Planning your successful training experience
  • Basics of the training world
  • Intermediate trainers 
  • Presentation skills for trainers
  • Proper body language for trainers
  • How trainers can use video effectively


A unique course designed to build the confidence of new and professional trainers who wish to excel in their field.

The course comes with a certificate which is also suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further carrer progression.

The certification tests candidates on various aspects of training, lesson planning, etc.

Topics covered in the course include

  • Basic training essential
  • Importance of training 
  • Raining needs identification
  • Handling the class

8.Introduction to Training of Trainers [Alison]

Alison is the hub of free quality courses. if you have proper knowledge about your subject but feel distracted then this course is for you. 

It introduces comprehensive training programs and guides us through the process of determining our training needs. And there will be quizzes and tests at the end of the course.

For further let’s check the topic course will cover:

  • Introducing of training
  • How to create a great workplace
  • The complete training system
  • The package of three assessment

This is it, above are some of the best online train the trainer course in India. you can select according to your preference.