8 Best Online Nursery Teacher Training Course in India

Are you looking best online nursery teacher training course in India?

A nursery teacher is the first person who interacts with children in their schooling life and plays a crucial role in developing personality, knowledge, and growth. Being a nursery teacher carries great responsibility that shapes a child’s life.

In order to become a professional nursery teacher in India, you need to understand the basics of this education system.

So, The following is a list of some of the best online nursery teacher training courses in India with their fee structure, certification process.

Let’s get started.

8 Best Online Nursery Teacher Training Course in India

The following are the best online nursery teacher training Classes in India right now.

1.Online Nursery Teacher Training Course by Vidhyanidhi Education Society

I like to start the list with a government-approved nursery teacher training program. This is a famous online diploma course for nursery teachers. The syllabus of this course is designed by an expert in the field and structured in a systematic way, and the materials are written in a straightforward, lucid manner so that you can easily understand the course. As I mentioned earlier this is a government-approved NTT course the curriculum helps you learn a child’s development needs in an easy way.

The course covers the following topic:

  • How to understand the mental state of nursery students
  • Easy teaching methods
  • How to spend quality time with children
  • Games technique used to teach nursery child

Certificate: Yes

Fees: For fees structure contact them

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

2.Nursery Teacher Training course by Intesolindia.com

This course will give you a diploma and an international certificate for nursery education. It is one of the most inexpensive courses on the market for a certificate. The trainer knows the importance of nursery education, so he added every teaching method available.

During this 6 month course, you will learn:

  • Psychology of nursery teachers
  • Different approaches and principles
  • Physical, cognitive, and emotional development 
  • Learning languages in different ways 
  • The importance of games for nursery students
  • How to manage the classroom

Certificate: Yes

Fees:12000 for diploma certificate 18000

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

3.Certificate in Nursery Teacher Training Course by Asian College of Teacher

 This is another course nursery teacher training course that teaches you how to teach nursery level children effectively. The course teaches you how to include playing activities in children’s daily routine to help them learn.

This course includes pre-school classroom management techniques. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to specialize in other courses such as English language teaching and education management.

The course contains four phases

  • Introduction to teaching young leanrers
  • Importance of play
  • Instructional strategies
  • Classroom management


Fees: 11,210

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

4.Online International Teaching Diploma By Londoncollegeofteaching

If you are interested in getting an international certificate as a nursery teacher for the establishment, then this course is a perfect fit for you. This course is designed by international experts, so you will learn how modern teaching methods are applied to nursery education.

The candidates who choose to attend this program will not only become experts in behavioral management but will also get to know children’s psychology.

However, you must check the admission process before enrolling in the course. And for further information, you can check through whatup and phone call.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 35400 + GST


Mode: Online

5.Certified Nursery Teachers Training by Onlineteachertraining.com

Next up, we have another well-deserving course to become certified and diploma holders in nursery education. The instructors of the course take you through each aspect of being a nursery teacher.

With overall positive reviews, this online nursery course gives you a certificate that can help you get a job in India. The course covers various methodologies such as child psychology, cognitive development in kids.

Moreover, you will learn different methods to satisfy the children in the classroom.

You will get three types of a certificate from this course simple, Diploma, PG Diploma.

Certificate: Yes (Diploma, PG Diploma)

Fees: 10000,20000,25000

Eligibility: 10,10+2,Graduate

Mode: Online

6. Preschool Teacher Online Course by Alison

Allison offers free online courses for beginners. If you are interested in starting your nursery course and would like to learn through the free nursery course, then you can begin with this course. Many teachers around the world have taken the course, including teachers in India. The instructor of the course includes all typical topics such as how to teach children colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc.

Along with that, you will learn the following topics:

  • How to provide a safe and secure environment to children in the classroom
  • How to ensure the safety of children and maintain the activities
  • How to motivate the children to come daily to school
  • How to encourage nursery students by developing creative activities
  • Storytelling and rhyming games to create internet in nursery children

Overall, this free nursery course by Alison is worth mentioning here because it comes for free.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

7.Online NTT Course by sarvaindia.com

This nursery online course that deserves to be mentioned on this list is one of the most underrated in India. The list of certified NTT students of the course is endless. The top students received an 88% grade.

Once you will complete the course, it will great chance you get a selection in different fields of nursery teaching.

The course covers the following topics:

  • How to read the children psychology 
  • Child care and health 
  • How to organize the class
  • The basic principles of nursery education
  • How to teach parents

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Via Contact

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

8.Teacher Training Programme by Kidzee

It is hard to ignore the fact that kidzee is one of the most famous nursery school organizations in India. You can find any kidzee school in your nearby city or town.

Aside from the perfect teaching pattern for children, Kidzee also offers nursery teacher training programs now. However, this program is only available offline, but it covers everything needed to become a kidzee nursery teacher. The classes are given locally by experts at kidzee.

And by the completion of the course, job assistance helps you get a job at kidzee and other branded preschools.

This 4 months course covers the following topics:

  • Teach the effective way of nursery children teaching
  • Children Psychology and child behaviour management

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Contact them

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Offline


Becoming a nursery teacher is a great way of earning income especially for women. While there was a time when women did not pursue further studies after marriage, online education has become a viable option for working from home gaining a degree in any profession. The list of online nursery courses I have provided are very decent and are available currently in India, you can pick any of them according to your choices.