9 Best International Teacher Training Courses in India ( 100% Tested)

Are you looking for the best international teacher training course in India?

The demand for international teachers keeps increasing( for example the Sanskrit teacher requirement) and if you are an expert in any field and want to go abroad to share your skills as a teacher. This is the right time to sharpen your skill through some international teacher training courses.

We have compiled the list of best international courses in India and also share their fees structure, the benefit of doing such courses.

So, let’s get started.

What are the Best International Teacher Training Courses in India?

Here is the list:

1.Teaching courses and qualifications- Britishcouncil.in

You can get a great teaching job abroad through the well-known British council website. Their Cambridge certified international teaching program is specifically designed for those who want to become English teachers. This international course is valid in 60 countries, so you have a great chance of finding a job abroad.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Where to start teaching English
  • The skills and knowledge that English language teachers need 
  • The training options available,and different teaching qualifications 
  • The importance of teaching practice as parto of teaching qulaification

Fee structure and duration:

  • A full time, intensive 5 weeks and 200 hours (120 contact hrs + 80 additional learning hrs for course preparation) curriculum at INR 1,50,000/-
  • A part-time, flexible 10 weeks and 200 hours (120 contact hrs + 80 additional learning hrs for course preparation) curriculum at INR 1,50,000/-

Eligibility: To enroll in this course you have to complete 10+2.

2.International Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course

This government-approved organization offers teacher training programs for primary, pre-primary, Montessori, and nursery teachers.

Globally, parents are looking for the best teaches for their children. They are confused about their children’s future and want them to learn advanced skills. To understand the demand of international teachers, this is a great course, to begin with. 

With this comprehensive course, you will understand how teachers work according to global models. The training process used in this course is world-class, so after completing this course, you will be able to teach anywhere in the world.

Three modes of competition are available for this course:

  • Online 
  • Distance 
  • Physical classroom modes

Eligibility: Minimum qualification required for this course is 10+2 or higher secondary school

Free structure: 20,000

 Duration: the course takes 240 hours to complete and 12 months.

3.Futurelearning-International Teaching Program

FutureLearning is a trusted platform offering numerous courses in different fields. The purpose of this course is to train a teacher who can work in any country around the world.

This course does not only teach you how to teach; it provides you with global unity ideas as well.

And the best part of the course is:

The course is developed in line with UN sustainable development goal 4.7, which requires developing global citizenship for all learners by 2030.

The following topics will be covered:

  • The ideas that led to global education
  • What does global teaching and learning mean?
  • Approaches to teaching and pedagogy

The course is developed by university college London

Eligibility: The teacher in government schools who are interested in global learning can access this course

Fee structure: FREE

Duration: 3 weeks

4.International Teaching Diploma Courses in Kolkata

This is another comprehensive course for those who wish to teach abroad. The course is offered by the Asian College of Teachers, who has been teaching since 2007.

If you can complete this course and receive the diploma, you will become a certified teacher.

The trained student of this course will be able to get a job in primary, Montessori, and nursery schools around the globe.

Additionally, candidates who complete this ITD program can also take an extra Cambridge TKT exam to gain an edge in the teaching field.

This course will teach you

  • Learning planning of the children
  • Factors affecting the development of early childhood
  • How to teach Montessori students
  • Techniques to handle the nursery schools.

Eligibility: the minimum eligibility for the international diploma is 10+2

Free structure:35000 INR
Duration: it takes 3 months to complete

5.Postgraduate Certificate Education International by TISB Training Academy

If you are serious about international teaching, then this course is for you. The TISB offers this course in collaboration with the NPS group of schools for the purpose of resolving the challenges faced by teachers in global settings.

A face-to-face program will include small group discussions, presentations, whole group interaction, and tutorials.

You will learn the following in this course:

  • Differences between Indian education and international education
  • Promoting a deeper understanding of a range of teaching strategies.
  • Developing expertise in practitioner research
  • Making appropriate use of professional and research literature

Eligibility required: contact +919606913873 or email pgcie@tta.net.in

Fee structure: contact +919606913873 or email pgcie@tta.net.in

Duration: 11months

6.Cambrige International Diploma in teaching and learning

The famous university of the UK offers a diploma teacher training course. The main goal of this diploma course is to teach the importance of international teaching. This certified course is recognized in 140 countries of the world.

In this course, one-to-one mentoring is available means during and after this course the expert is there to help you.

This five modules course cover the following topic:

  • Explore the teaching and learning
  • Developing professional practice
  • How do teachers demonstrate their knowledge
  • How to observe the student in classroom.

Eligibility: Graduate degree from any recognized University.

Fee structure: Contact to support staff

Duration: 1.5 Years

7.Asian College of Teachers

 As the name suggests, This course is especially dedicated to Asian teachers. After doing this course you will fulfill the demand of teachers in Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and many more. Not only does the course provide a diploma, but it offers 100% lifetime placement support and assistance via their job portal. You can also contact them via live chat if you have any questions.

In this course you will learn:

  • Principle of teaching
  • Teaching strategies
  • Early childhood and educations 
  • Montessori teaching
  • How to teach in nursery schools
  •  Primary and secondary teaching
  • Special education needs

Eligibility: the minimum eligibility for joining this international teaching diploma program is 10+2

Fee: 35,000

Course duration: 3 months to 6 months

8.International Teacher Training course in Diploma and PG Diploma

This is another popular course that is offered by the AP teacher training institute. Courses are offered at the diploma and postgraduate diploma levels and cover Montessori and pre-primary teaching techniques.

The course focuses on the practice approach of teaching and cover how to create child-centric classrooms and identify the strength or weakness of the child.

In this course you will learn the following topics:

  • How to handle the primary students
  • How to work on the weakness of the child
  • Method of teaching for better understanding


  • High School Graduate for Diploma Level
  • Graduate for PG Diploma level

Fee structure: 

  •  For diploma course, the charges are 30000 
  • For PG diploma course the charges are 35000

Duration: 18 months/360 hours

9.Post Graduate Certificate in International Teacher Education-Podar International School

A decent number of graduated teachers from the Podar International schools are teaching different parts of the world. At the time of this writing, the total number of graduated teachers is 2000.

The post-graduate certified program is popular across the world.

In this course, you will learn how to deal with students, how to improve their awareness.

Eligibility: 10+2 students will take part in this course

Fee structure: contact the support team

that’s all about the best international course in India. To become an international teacher you can join any of the above courses and achieve your dream.