7 Best Online Spanish course in India

Whatever the reason if you are looking to learn Spanish as the second language, then it is a great choice.

There was a time when English was the first most popular language to learn in India, but things have changed.

Now, the New generation takes one step forward and tries to learn a language that will help them in their career.

No doubt, Spanish is the global language and is spoken by 500 million people worldwide. 

Plus, I want to add one interesting fact that around 53.6 million people in the USA speak Spanish. With that large number of Spanish speakers, the demand for Spanish savvy is very high in the USA.

Not only in the USA, if you want to pursue your career in India as a Spanish speaker. You will be on the right path because many Spanish companies are setting up their business in India and giving great career options.

So today, I will share with you some of the best online Spanish language courses in India. The courses have been taken by lots of students and experience great benefits.

So, Let’s check.

What are the Best Online Spanish Language Course in India

Here is the list

1.Spanish 1-4:Beginner,Elementary,Intermediate and Advanced

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.4

Enrolled Student: 45,654

First, the course that comes with the all-in-one package means it is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students.

This comprehensive course of 109 hours is divided into 323 lessons and explains every concept in detail.

Offered by SimpleL, this course is taught by Organisation that has a solid background in teaching.

In this course, you will learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation. Along with these basic topics, you will also learn how to speak Spanish and understand sentence formation using Spanish.

Overall, this is the only course that will make you a pro-Spanish speaker.

2.Spanish for Beginners.The Complete Mentioned Level 1[Udemy]

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.5

Enrolled Students: 75,367

 The course is presented by Peter Hanley, one of Udemy’s best-selling language instructors, who has helped over 80,000 students worldwide to learn Spanish. The course is divided into 5 levels and this first course is 4 hours long.

This course is most suitable for beginners, as this course gives a solid overview of the basic terminology used in the Spanish language. 

The course videos are all self-paced, so if you have questions regarding any particular topic, you can rewatch the video whenever you like.

Your instructor will teach you grammar and speaking practice of the Spanish language.

3.Spanish for Beginners. The complete Method.Level 2 [Udemy]

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.7

Enrolled Students: 20,483

This course enhances your root-level skill of speaking Spanish by adding more daily used sentences. After signing up for the course, you will be able to access thousands of phrases and vocabulary used in Spanish.

And the best part is, the instructor claim that it is a great chance that you learn 98 % percent of sentences taught in the course.

Overall, this course is great for learning purposes, you will not get too much knowledge on grammar purpose.

4.Spanish for Beginners. The complete Method level 3 [Udmey]

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.9

Enrolled student: 7,764

One course means one step towards becoming a Spanish language pro. This is the third course in the Spanish for Beginners series.

The course gives you basic ideas of how to structure the sentence in Spanish, how to use simple conversations phrase in daily life, how to introduce yourself in Spanish.

And in 4.5 of this course, you will be focused on the speaking area only.

This course opens the route of communication in Spanish.

5.The complete Spanish Method Intermediate.Course4 .

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.6

Enrolled Student: 653

As the name suggests, this course is for intermediate-level students in India. This course gives solid directions to those Spanish learners who have crossed the beginner level barrier.

The intermediate level has a knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, now is the time to sharpen your speaking practice.

In this course, you will learn perfectly constructed phrases, master all the important structures of Spanish.

Overall, this course is right for intermediate-level learners who want to practice speaking.

6.Spanish Vocabulary Course [Udemy]

Cost: 700

Rating: 4.3

Enrolled Students: 1,128

Vocabulary is the foundation of any language without proper vocabulary knowledge, it is hard to form a sentence and this is the unique course that will teach you vocabulary lessons. The tutor of this course Fevzi Karsili has written many great books on different languages.

You can’t believe this course cover  7,371 Spanish word means cover almost every word you need to become a Spanish speaker. Every word he will teach you are easy to memorize and also use graphic design for easy understanding.


Cost: Depend upon the instructor


Enrolled Students: Around 10,000

UrbanPro is the new immersing online course platform in India. Along with many other online courses, UrbanPro also offers a very good quality Spanish learning program. 

Unlike the other course on the list, UrbanPro offers choices of languages to learn means if you are a native Hindi speaker you will get a Hindi tutor. 

Plus, you will have the choice of instructors you can select according to the rating and enrolled students.