7 Best Online Pranic Healing Course in India

Are you looking for the best online pranic healing course in India?

Nowadays, there are various types of alternative healing therapies available to help people deal with their physical, mental, and emotional health problems. From mind-body practices like meditation and yoga to energy healing techniques like reiki and pranic healing, people can use these practices as alternatives to traditional medicine or as complementary therapies to work alongside it. Pranic healing is one such practice that does not require any touch between the healer and the person being healed. 

Pranic healing is gaining popularity in India also and today these best online pranic healing course teaches you the principles of this practice and how to do it correctly, so you can start practicing pranic healing on yourself and others.

Some courses are free and some are paid, let’s check them.

What are the Best Pranic Healing Online Course in India?

The following are the best pranic healing courses in the market at the moment.

1 Prana Vidya: Certificate in Pranic Healing [Udemy]

This list starts with a certificate course in pranic healing. The course covers a specific topic called prana vidya, which is a traditional Vedic approach to awakening, amplifying, and channeling cosmic energy for healing purposes.

The course is concluded by Devetma Saraswati. He was ordained to the spiritual path at the age of 17 and had his kundalini shakti awakened, making him a master pranic healer.

The course lasts seven hours and teaches you everything about pranic healing.

Topics covered in the pranic healing course are:

  • You will introduces to the prana
  • You will the role of pranayama
  • How to use the mantra for awakening prana shakti
  • You will learn how to use mantra for self healing

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

2.Aura and Chakra Energy Healing [ Udemy]

This course teaches chakra and aura healing techniques. Dr.Himani Sharma is one of India’s most famous pranic healers is the instructor, she has been practicing naturopathy and pranic healing for many years. In this course, you will learn a very unique and powerful Buddhist meditation.

However, the number of students enrolled for the course is 169, which is not that many. The course is four hours long.

Topic covered in this pranic healing course are:

  • You will learn the basics of auras and chakras
  • This course covers eleven major chakras
  • You will learn how to use pranic healing for simple and serious cases
  • The benefits of pranic healing

Certificate: Yez

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

3.The Art of Energy Healing [Udemy]

Energy is the powerful resource of self-healing, and this certified course is about energy healing. The comprehensive course is taught by James Seraph, who is the popular irreverent spiritual teacher and energy healer.

The course Has a positive review and the total number of enrolled students for the course is 135542 at the time of this writing. This course will teach you how to overcome your inner doubts and have rock-solid confidence in your healing abilities.

The course contains all pre-recorded videos and in 3 hours you will have gained great knowledge as a beginner.

Topics covered in this pranic healing course are:

  •  How to prepare your mindset to become a no-touch healer
  • You will learn about the basics of chakra mechanics
  • You will about four components of running energy
  • How to engage with the clients as a pranic healer

At the end of the course, you will also download the pdf of pranic healing.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

4.Master Class on Quantum Energy Healing [Udemy]

This course is all about quantum energy healing.

Basically, Quantum energy healing is an approach to healthcare that uses quantum mechanics to understand and heal the body.

It is said to be a beginner’s approach to energy healing, as it does not require any prior experience or knowledge of quantum physics. Instead, quantum energy healing relies on the use of simple symbols and techniques that anyone can learn.

The course is created by Sachin Karve, an expert in quantum energy healing.

Topics covered in the quantum energy healing course are:

  • You will learn the principe of quantum healing principles
  • How to apply the five quanutum healing principles
  • Practical demonstration of quantum healing

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

5.Reiki Master Certification in Energy Healing [Udemy]

Designed by pranic healing expert Melissa Crowhurst, this is another certified course to learn energy healing. After completing this course you will be an expert in this holistic science.

It works well to learn the healing of yourself, family, friends, and pets. Over 81,567 students are currently enrolled in the course.

Along with the above benefits, you will also be able to start your own reiki business. The course is divided into 17 sections and takes four hours to complete.

Topic coved in this reiki energy healing course are:

  • You will learn the basics of reiki 
  •  Learn about the chakras
  • An introduction of attunements
  • A proper understanding of crystals and reiki 
  • The course also teaches you proper spiritual growth

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

6.Chakra Healing Certificate Course [Udemy]

This is another certified course to learn chakra healing. If you don’t know about chakra, Chakra energy is said to be the life force or vital energy that flows through the body. It is said to be the energy that keeps us alive and functioning.

There are seven chakras in the body, each with its own color and function. Chakra energy can be enhanced through meditation. When the chakras are open and clear, the energy can flow freely. This can lead to feelings of peace, joy, and well-being.

The course is created by Melissa Crowhurst is all about chakras and have taken by 11,149 students.

Topics covered in this chakra healing course are:

  • How chakra healing really works 
  • Importance of chakras in sour health
  • You will learn about 7 chakras like root chakra,cacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra
  • You will also learn to hear chakra, throat , and third eye chakra

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

7.Free pranic Healing Course

This is the only free course on the list,the course cover the basics of pranic healing and very suitable for the beginners.

In this 2 hours course,you will learn every basics of pranic healing.The instructor of the course will teach you how prana energy of an individual able to heal major disease.

Topics covered in this pranic healing course are:

  • Introduction of the pranic healing
  • You will learn how prana force effects various aspects of your life
  • Demonstration on Pranic Healing being applied

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free