9 Best Online Fitness Courses in India

Are you looking for the best Fitness training course in India online and offline?

In today’s society, fitness trainers have become an essential part of our lives. In India, fitness training has been around for a while but it’s starting to take off in a big way. It’s about time the Indian culture catches up with the rest of the world and gets used to being active. There are many benefits to hiring a fitness trainer including weight loss, increased productivity, accountability, and improved confidence levels.

Whether you are conscious about your fitness or want to become a health expert in India. There are so many fitness online courses available that will help you in your fitness journey.

The course that we have compiled on the list are well researched by our team and some of them come with certificates from well-recognized fitness organizations.

so, stay with us till the end.

What are the Best Fitness Online Courses in India?

Here is the list:

1.Certified Fitness Course by Goldgym.in

The goldgym is a very popular gym brand in India. You can find the goldgym in almost every big city of India. When it comes to fitness courses, this is the first international fitness management institute to offer fitness training courses in India. The instructor of the course is an expert in the field and covers everything you need to become a fitness or a personal trainer.

Whichever field you select as a fitness trainer, courses are available at goldgym.in

The following types of fitness courses:

  • Weight management course
  • Fast track online course
  • Online sports injuries course
  • Specialized in female fitness
  • The calorie counting fitness course

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 22,034

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

2.Fitness Certifications by ACE

This is another international fitness organization that offers fitness certification worldwide.

Almost 90,000 health and fitness professionals, health coaches, and other healthcare professionals work for health welfare.

The certificate you will get is accredited by the national commission of certifying agencies (NCCA). For India, this course is well worth and high in demand.

ACE offers the following types of courses

  • Fitness nutrition
  • Functional training
  • Weight management trainer
  • Behavior change trainer
  • Youth fitness trainer
  • Orthopedic exercise trainer
  • Sports performance trainer
  • Senior fitness trainer
  • Biomehanics method trainer
  • Cancer exercise training

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 40,000

Eligibility: Depend upon the Course you select

Mode: Online and Offline

3.Diploma Course by K11 Schools of Fitness

With so many positive reviews, K11 offers the best fitness diploma course in India. The instructor teaches all aspects of fitness to you. Whether you want to become a personal trainer or a gym instructor, the experts will show you every aspect of fitness. By completing the course, you’ll receive a diploma that is recognized internationally by REPS.

Additionally, those who pass the assessment will have the opportunity to get a job in Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Poland.

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • The brief introduction of general physical preparedness
  • Composition of the body
  • Discover the science of kinesiology
  • The physiology of exercise
  • Learn about exercise selection
  • Proper instruction about stretching
  • You will learn about different body parts like backs, legs, chest shoulder,abodominal groups, and arms groups

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 83,200

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Offline

4.Online Fitness Course by Fggroup.in

You should take this online fitness course if you prefer to learn online. This is the most popular online fitness course in India. The course’s main goal is to spread the fitness revolution in India.

Providing an online certificate also increases the awareness of health and helps children, adults, and the elderly to exercise.

The course is 2 months long and covers the following topics

  • Fundamental of meal planning
  • Principal of exercises 
  • Human kinesiology
  • Practical exercise sessions 
  • Scheduling of exercise
  • Differ energy system
  • Posture analysis and tis exercise prescription 
  • Different types of exercise for injuries
  • Anablic androgenic steroids

In the end, this course also helps you get a job.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 12,000

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

5.Diploma in Personal Training by FSSA Council

This is the only course required to become a certified personal trainer. The FSSA Personal Trainer course is one of the most sought-after courses not just in India, but all over the world. The Physical Therapy course is also fully accredited.

Likewise, the Diploma in Personal Training has been certified by the Registry of Exercise Professionals in India. When it comes to instructors, they are all qualified trainers who teach every aspect of fitness.

This fitness trainer program includes the following courses:

  • How to conduct a client fitness assessment
  • How to demonstrate exercise and use of equipment
  • An overview of how to manage personal training reviews, adaptations, and evaluations
  • How to apply the principles of nutrition and weight management

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 75,000

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online and Offline

6. Certification in Personal Fitness Training by Fitnesscravers.com

Learn how to become a successful personal trainer with Fitness Carvers Academy accredited and approved by NSDC Skill India. Their practical approach to teaching will provide you with the best understanding of fitness. The instructors will teach you every fitness principle specifically.

One of the best parts of the course, you will get 100% job placement assistance after completion of the course.

This fitness course covers the following topics:

  • A basic understanding of fitness
  • Skeleton of the human body
  • Learn about the muscular system
  • Basics of the respiratory system
  • Muscles and movements
  • Biomechanical principles of the body
  • The right scheduling of exercises 
  • The energy system of the body

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Contact to support staff

Eligibility: 10 passed

Mode: Online and Offline

7.Complete Fitness Trainer Certification: Beginner To Advanced by Udemy

Next on the list is a Udemy course that walks you through the entire fitness training process. This course is for beginner to advanced level students. The instructor for this course is flix harder, who is well known for his health knowledge, having taught 24,603 students fitness lessons on this course. I appreciate the way this course is organized, making learning easy. No matter if you want to become a fitness trainer or a fat loss expert, this course is for you.

The following topics will be covered as this course goes deeper:

  • Learn about the nervous system, bones and joints, and muscular system.
  • Get to know the cardiovascular system
  • Teaching fitness to clients
  • Find out about resistance training 
  • You will will learn about bodyweight fundamentals
  • Muscels building formula
  • Fat loss formula 
  • How to create the perfect resistance training 
  • Learn about cardio

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

8.Free Online Fitness Courses by Alison

If you are looking for free online fitness courses, this course is for you. They understand the importance of good health and launch the free fitness course free of charge. To enroll, all you need is an email address.

In this course, you will learn about the following fitness topics.

  • Physical education and outdoor studies will be covered
  • Coaching styles and techniques that work
  • Fitness training
  • Sports science and psychology of sportsmen

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

9.Certificate Course in Fitness Centre Management by Goya Fitness Academy

According to Goya Fitness Academy:

Our surveys across India show that fitness professionals open a fitness business (e.g. a gym) but 90% of them lack the professional knowledge of running the business scientifically. We also see businessmen who invest in gyms without having the requisite professional knowledge of Fitness Sciences.

Goya Fitness Academy is a fitness center that specializes in personal training and group classes. Their goal is to help people reach their individual fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Located in various parts of India, GYA offers numerous classes such as cardio, body pump, and Zumba and including fitness training.

They believe that physical wellness is just as important as mental and emotional wellness and offer sessions on self-love and forgiveness.

In the course, they cover everything you need to become a professional fitness trainer.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 27,500

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online