7 Best online acupressure courses in India (Free and Paid)

Looking for the best online acupressure course in India?

Acupressure is a popular alternative to traditional allopathy treatment, which has lots of harmful effects on the body.

Basically, The origins of acupressure are from China, and it is practiced by almost every nation in Asia. Indians are also familiar with this form of treatment. 

More about acupressure, it is defined as the use of pressure on the surface of the body at specific points to relieve pain or discomfort. There are many benefits to acupressure, including relief from menstrual cramps, anxiety, and headaches. Acupressure also provides an opportunity for people to practice mindfulness, focusing on breathing deeply while being concentrated on the pressure applied to a particular point. For example, Buddhist monks have practiced acupressure for centuries.

Today, in this article we are going through the best online acupressure course in India that are come with a certificate, diploma certificate, also we will cover the courses on the basics of fees, free, and eligibility criteria.

What are the Best Online Acupressure Course in India?

The Following are the best online acupressure course in India, ranked according to the criteria like fees, certificates, and more.

1.Diploma in Acupressure Therapy by shamhavcure

The first course is created by one of the most renowned Indian acupressure teachers, Dr. Richa Varshney, who has years of experience teaching acupressure and also has a YouTube channel.

A diploma certificate is provided upon completion of the course, which enhances your confidence to find a job or start your own acupressure clinic. This is an in-depth course with pre-recorded videos.

Topics covered in the diploma acupressure course are:

 The total videos on this course are 41.

  • You will learn acupressure for eye, nose, ears, speech, skin, neck disorders
  • You will learn acupressure for shoulder, wrist, hand, back pain, joint pain,
  • You will learn acupressure for high blood pressure, low blood pressure 
  • You will learn about acupressure for respiratory problems, urinary system disorders
  • You will learn acupressure for weight gain, hair problems, and many more

And last, the best part of the course is that you can learn both Hindi and English language

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 6490


Mode: pre-recorded online

2.Acupressure Massage for Pain Relief Certificate Course

We all know that acupressure relieves pain well, but you need to know the right point where to apply the pressure. This udemy acupressure certificate course is for people who want to learn how to relieve pain with acupressure.

The course is designed by Mark Perresen jones, who is a certified acupuncturist and owner of a spa. He knows all about acupressure.

The total number of students has enrolled for this course is 17,066 and the course will take 5 hours to complete.

Plus, the course is well structured and includes step by step guide to learn acupressure.

Topics covered in this certified acupressure course are:

  • Learn basics of acupressure points
  • How to treat lower back pain through acupressure
  • Right point for neck pain and hip pain
  • How to treat tennis elbow pain
  • How to treat carpal tunnel syndrome
  • How to treat knee, shoulder pain using acupressure

3.Free Acupressure for Beginners by Udemy

This is a free acupressure course in India. The course covers everything for beginners.

The main focus of the course is to discuss the different acupressure points in a body and their benefits. 

The course was taught by Sonia Bruce who learned acupressure from China. At this time of writing, 10,771 people have taken the course. 

Topics covered in this acupressure course are:

  • Different acupressure points on the body
  • How to apply pressure on points
  • How acupressure helps in pain relieves

Overall, this course is best for beginners who want to practice acupressure in India.

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

5.Acupressure for Digestive Disorders by Udmey

Many people live with digestive disorders that can cause varying degrees of discomfort and pain. Acupressure massage helps to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, making it a great option for those who suffer from constipation or bloating.

This course is specially designed to cure digestive disorders through acupressure.

Annette Igoe is the instructor of this course, she is a bestseller author, acupressure expert.

However, not so many students enrolled for the course but the course is a perfect fit for those who want to learn acupressure for the digestive system only.

Topics covered in the acupressure course are:

  • Basics of acupressure
  • How to do self acupressure
  • Basics of meridians
  • Acupressure points for acidity and gastritis disorder
  • Acupressure points for colitis,constipation,diarrhoea,dysentery and gallbladder disorder.

6.Acupressure Massage for Pain Relief Cetificate Course by Udemy

Next on the list is the course that is taught by Mark Perren-jones, who has over 25 years of experience and has a large following on Youtube.

In this prerecorded course, Mark shares his acupressure techniques. The total number of students enrolled for 17,132.

As this course is for pain relief, the course is a great way to learn the basics of acupressure and how to use it to relieve pain and tension in the body. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to earn a certificate in acupressure that can be used to enhance your resume or career.

So if you’re looking for a way to learn this healing art, or want to add acupressure certification to your resume, the udemy course is a great option.

The topic covered in this pain relief course are:

  • How to treat different body part pain
  • How to Treat lower back pain,neck pain,hip pain.
  • How to treat teniss elbow pain,carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain
  • How to treat knee pain,ankle sprains,foot pain and ankle pain
  • you will also learn fundamentals of self treat your own pains with acupressure

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Eligibility: 10+2

Mode: Online

7. Free Acupressure Training in Hindi by Healing junction

The Healing Junction YouTube channel is a great resource for learning how to perform acupressure and the great part is the videos are all in Hindi.

The videos walk you through each step of the acupressure process, and there are also written instructions on the channel’s website.

The series consists of 26 videos in total, and Dr. Anup Singh covers every point of acupressure in detail.

The topic covered in the Hindi acupressure course are:

  • Basics of acupressure
  • Points for constipation treatment acute and chronic
  • Points for hyper and hypo treatment you can check many more

Certificate: No

Fees: Free

Eligibility: Anyone who is interested

Mode: Online