7 Free Online Stock Market Course for Beginners in India

Stock market is a new emerging way to earn a decent amount of money in India. Nowadays, more and more peoples in India want to give a try at the stock market. If you are a beginner and want to dip your toe on the stock market ocean, then it is a great decision.

But wait, stock market is not a quick-rich scheme. You need patience, money to invest, and most important one you need proper knowledge of how the stock market is working.

To give you all that, there are several free online stock market courses available and today we have compiled the list of some best free stock market online courses in India that gives you the confidence to invest in the stock market.

so, let’s get started.

Best Free Online Stock Market Course in India

Here are our top picks for the best free online stock market course in India.

  1. Beginner’s Guide To Investing-Udemy
  2. Learn Stock Market in Hindi-Udemy
  3. Stock Market Fundamental-Skill Share
  4. Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets-Coursera
  5. Financial Markets-Coursera
  6. Stock Market Trading Introduction-Udemy
  7. How to be an Intelligent Investor-Skill Share

1.Beginner’s Guide To Investing- Udemy

Udemy offers both free and paid online courses, but this time we talk about the free course of the stock market.

This course is very beginner-friendly for Asian investors and to back my words the total number of enrolled students in this course is 10,038, which is a good sign.

The course is completed in 4 hr that covers basic concepts of investing.

As I said this free course is specially designed for Asian investors all the terminology they use is focusing on Asian investors.

With that take look at what they offer.

Topic covered

The course is divided into four sections

  • Introduction of stock market
  • Read the stock code
  • Types of value to be found in the stock market

2.Learn Stock Market in Hindi-Udemy

As the name suggests this course is for Hindi learners. The instructor Shyam sunder goel will teach you stock market concepts in Hindi.

Plus, this course shows a positive response from learners and also got a rating of 4 stars.

This short course of 2 hours is divided into small sections that cover almost every basic concept.

Topic covered

This course contains the theory of rich persons like Bill Gate’s theory and the following concepts:

  • Stock Market Basics
  • Power of compounding
  • Benefits of share markets
  • Formulas of Creation 100 Crores from stock market
  • Seasonal investing in stock market

3.Stock Market Fundamental-Skill Share

 You may have heard of skillshare before; it’s a great online learning platform offering many different kinds of courses.

This stock market fundamental course is a must for beginners because it is an intensive, 14-hour course that will teach you every fundamental you need to begin your journey on the stock market. Zac Harley, who has been active in the stock market since 2015, teaches this course.

The course has a decent number of enrolled students 8055.

I would like to point out that this free trial course must be completed within 7 days of signing up.

Topic covered 

The course consists of 70 lessons, and it is hard to list all of their topics here, but they cover the following important ones:

  • History of stock market 
  • How the stock market works 
  • Types of analysis 
  • Trend lines
  • The strategy they use to make the profit

4. Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets-Coursera 

You find it difficult to find online stock market classes taught by Indian experts. However, this course by Ramachandran Thirumalai on Coursera is a great example.

This course explains the best way to trade on the stock market and is specifically designed for investors.

There are 8 hours of video tutorials, reading papers, and quizzes to test your skills.

 Please consider: It is a trial version course, so you can access it after registration for a limited time.

Topic covered

  • Trading Algorithms
  • Advanced Trading Algorithms
  • Design your own trading strategy

5. Financial Markets-Coursera

With one million students, this is one of the most popular courses offered by Robert Shiller, who works at Yale University as a professor of economics.

This course has received positive reviews from enrolled students. However, it is the longest durations course on this list of 33 hours and covers every tiny topic in detail.

Note: This course is a trial version, but if you want a certificate you will have to pay for it.

Topic covered

As I mentioned this course is long duration so it is divided into 7 module

In the first module, you will learn the basics of marketing

The second module consists of the right time of investment

6.Stock Market Trading Introduction-Udemy

This is another Udmey course aimed at beginners. Taught by two partners Scott Paton and Scott Alex. More than 8642 people have taken this short course.

As you know the sign-up process of Udemy is easy, you can access this course only provide you an email.

Furthermore, this course will only take 49 minutes to complete instead of hours.

Topic covered

 With Three-section and 16 videos lecture, this course will teach you

  • Basic of Stock market
  • Trend and Swing Trading
  • What Drives The market

7.How to be an Intelligent Investor-Skill share

We suggest this course for those who already have a thorough understanding of the basics, yet want to gain a deeper understanding of the market in order to make a profit.

This course did not have too many students enrolled, but it still deserves your attention.

Investing principles and analyze the intrinsic value of an asset are some important topics that they cover in this course.

Again I want to add this course free for 7 days after sign up.

Topic covered

This 3-hour course consists of 16 video lectures that cover:

  • Safety of Principle and an Adequate Return
  • Lower risk by ner overpaying
  • The power of focused portfolio
  • The Psychology of Investing


To be honest, a free stock market course does not make you perfect overnight but gives you a brief overview of how the stock market works and helps you get started.

Despite the endless amount of free courses available, we didn’t make a huge list to confuse you. Making a huge list will make you confused, so we made this list by focusing on the Indian investor.