7 free online entrepreneurship courses with certificates in India

In India, one of the reasons why most startups fail is that they don’t have a proper understanding of the field and lack of knowledge is like fighting in a war without a weapon.

Traditionally, you could learn about entrepreneurship from people who were already in the field and start your own venture based on their experiences.

 But, Nowadays, things have changed. You can learn entrepreneurship online, there are different free courses that provide an excellent perspective of the startup journey, and today we will share the top free online entrepreneurship courses with certificates in India. 

7 free online entrepreneurship courses with certificates in India

Here are our top picks for free online entrepreneurship courses with certificates in India

1.Startupindia with certificate by government

The government of India took a step forward by launching startupindia in 2016. The primary objective of this government-approved organization is to make Indians financially independent.

Their goal is to help people come up with the right startup plan for their businesses.

Furthermore, they offer free courses in entrepreneurship whether you wish to start your journey in entrepreneurship in the technology field or something else.

And you can access the course in both Hindi and English language. Also, this course comes with a certificate.

What will you learn

Four weeks of this course covers the following topic to start a successful business in India

  • Idea identification
  • Building a legal foundation
  • Understanding finance basics
  • Introductin to business planning
  • Fundraising and valuation

2. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

Coursera offers a variety of courses. If you’re looking for a new innovative business course, then this one is for you. The instructor Dr. James V. Green will teach you how to effectively implement new ideas for a successful business.

You can gain a certificate from the University of Maryland after passing this course. However, a certificate will cost you money.

Beginners may benefit from taking a course that lasts 8 hours.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset.Motivations, and Behaviours
  • Industry Understanding
  • Customer Understanding and Business Modeling

3. Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Copyright and IP Strategies by Alison

If you are seeking a diploma course for entrepreneurship, this ALISON course will be a good choice. The course is designed to help you build your startup foundation. You will learn about the characteristics that you need in order to launch your own small business.

It is free for everyone to take the course, just sign up and start learning,

What will you learn 

  • Help you find the perfect business idea
  • Skill you need for leadership
  • Decision-making skill
  • Study the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs 

4. Fundamental of Project Planning and Management at Coursera

Once you have an idea of business, the next step is to start developing that idea. This second step is crucial for your business because if you take any wrong steps, your business is likely to fail.

A good plan is a key to success, and this course is going to teach you what you need to know to succeed.

The course was designed by Paul Lu, a Doctor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

This course is free to access but to receive a certificate you have to pay.

What will you learn

This course will take 49 hours to complete a cover the following topics

  • Introduction to Project Management 
  • Project leadership
  • Project selection and justification
  • The project charter 
  • Work Breakdown Structure

5. Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking and Action

One of the common issues when starting a business is the lack of ideas and the execution of those ideas. This course will teach you how to put those ideas into practice in your business plan.

With 99,339 enrolled students, this is another great course for Indians.

This course is carrier-based so if getting a certification is your first priority, then it’s right for you

What will you learn 

The course duration is 5 hours and you will learn the following topics

  • First, start with an introduction
  • Feasibility studies
  • Skill and strategies
  • Starting a Business

Final words

The above-mentioned courses are especially suitable for Indian students, particularly startup India, which is offered by the Indian government.

Some of the courses on this list are from Coursera, a platform that offers top-quality education online. Their startup courses are also worth exploring.