Best Online Course to Learn Python in India (Paid and Free)

YES, Finally you’ve decided to learn python language.

Great choice!

Python is the rising star in programming world. It is the second most demanding language in the world unlike other basic languages like HTML and CSS and javascript, Python is a software development programing language that can be used in mobile app development, processing big data, and performing mathematical computations.

And the most important one, Python is also a basic language, you have to learn if you want to become the most demanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Scientists engineer.

So, In this pandemic period, if you want to learn Python online in India, we’ve listed some of the highly-rated courses that are trusted by lakhs of students. Some of them are free and also provide you a certificate at the end.

So, without further addo lets jumb right in:

8 Best Online Courses to Learn Python in India

  1. Udemy-Complete python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero
  4. Udemy -Learn Python Programming Masterclass
  5. Simplilearn-
  6. Codeacademy -Python 3 Course
  7. for Everybody

1.Udemy-Complete python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero 

Cost: 700

Certificate: Yes

Suitable for: Beginner to advance

With 1302020 enrolled students, this is the most demanding python course in India.

The first few lectures cover the basic concept of python and as the course progress, it will help you create your own applications and games.

The instructor Jose Portilla is very helpful and explain every concept in an easy way.

In this 21 hour course, you will learn Python 2 and Python 3, after installing Python on the machine they walk you through a wide variety of topics like the Command line, Basic lists strings dictionaries, and many more.

And to sharpen your skill, this course also comes with quizzes, notes, homework assignments, and three major projects to create a python project portfolio.

Cost: Free 

Certificate: Yes

Suitable for:Beginner

If you are a beginner and want to understand the basic concept of python, then this is the free course you can take in india. is a great hub to learn different online courses in India. However, most of their courses are paid, but for Phyton learners, they provide free courses.

This course covers the basics of python like variables, operators, tokens, and flow control and at the end, you will get a certificate that you can share in your linkedln profile to get a job.

One plus point I like to mention here is that this course also comes in the Hindi language means if you are not comfortable with the English language you can go with Hindi.

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes

Suitable for:  Beginner

Upgrad is another famous online course provider in India. However, most of the courses of Upgrad are paid, but they provide you python course for free because python is the basic language you need to learn while learning machine learning language and Upgrad offers a top-rated machine learning online course.

Upgrad course is divided into four sessions.First session covers the fundamentals of python, in the second session you will about coding like strings, lists, and data structure, and in the last two sessions, they will teach how to implement python in projects.

1 to 1 industry mentorship ,weekly live lectures are some advantages of Upgrad course over others courses in the list.

4.Udemy -Learn Python Programming Masterclass

Cost: 700

Certificate: yes

Suitable for:beginner to advance


This is another course that I like to recommend for Indian students. The creator Tim buchalka,jean-paul is begun this long-duration course with setting up and installing python and walk you through every concept like lists, tuples, functions modules.

At the end of course you will recieve the certificate that will help you finding the job. 


Cost: 9999 for individual

Certificate: yes

Suitable for: beginner to advance

Duration: 30 hours

Simplilearn knows the importance of python so, they made a fully dedicated Python course.

With 2847 enrolled students and a 4.5 rated Simplilearn course teaches you all about python through the live class. They teach you the basics of python, data operations, shell scripting conditional statements and before the start, you can download the full syllabus HERE.

As I mention above, this course provide the live class you can ask any query directly.

and one more thing I like to add,

They have a money-back guarantee plan, which means if you are not satisfied with the course you will get all your money back( Keep in mind this scheme is only valid after 7 days of sign-up).

6.Codeacademy -Python 3 Course

Cost: Free trial available

Certificate: NO

Suitable for:Beginner to advance

Duration: 5 hours

Codeacademy is another well-known online course website where millions of students got a certificate. This Codecademy python course is trusted by some famous companies like Facebook, IBM, Google, and even NASA.

You can start with the basic syntax of python. Control flow charts and list, the whole course of python is covered in 13 lessons. for Everybody

cost:Free trial available

certificate: Yes

suitable for : beginner to advance

This is one of the top-rated python courses in the world offered by Michigan university. The total students have already crossed the 1 million mark .

and you are happy to know that almost 50% of the student either start a new carrier or promoted to their job after taking this course.

The course covers fundamental programming such as the basics of constructing a program, working with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in python, databases in Python.

8.Google’s Python Class

Cost: Free

Certificate: No

Suitable for: Advance level

You are happy to know that Google also offers Python free classes. Their class includes written material, lecture videos, and lots of coding exercises to practise python.

Unfortunately, the only disadvantage of this course is that you need programming experience to learn it.

The material was created by google worker Nick parlante who divided this course into three sections.

  • Python Set Up
  • Python Introduction
  • Python Strings