8 Best Online Java Course in India(Paid and Free)

Are you looking for the best online Java course in India?

You might have already known that Java is one of the popular programming languages. Basically, it is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric language used for many important applications like android apps development, big data analytics, and server-side technologies.

If you want to become a programmer or developer, Java is the first step you have to take. And to help you out in this article, we will share some of the best online Java courses in India.

let’s get started:

What is the Best Java Online Course in India?

Here are our picks for the best online Java courses

1.Udemy-Java Programming Masterclass

Cost: 7oo

Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: Yes

If you ever have read some of the technical course advice at onlinecourseindia, you might have noticed that we mostly ranked Udemy courses higher because the instructors on Udemy are experts in their field and attract many students.

So, this Java course of Udemy is perfect to mention on top of the list. It got the most positive reviews, a rating of 4.6, and the total enrolled students are 592198 at the time of this writing.

The instructor Tim Buchalka covers everything you need to know to become a java expert. This 80 hours course is regularly updated and you can access it lifetime for free.

Overall, we highly recommend this course for Indian students because it is affordable and easy to understand.

What will you learn

This long-running course divided into 25 section,401 lectures and cover following topics:

  • First sections cover the basic of Java
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Arrays

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2.Learn java by Codecademy

Cost: Free trial available

Suitable for: Beginners

Certificate: Yes

Codeacademy is a fully dedicated platform for programmers. If you want to learn any programming language, then Codecademy is definitely a good place to start with.

In the case of Java, they offer 25 hours course to learn Java, joined by over 2 lakh students. This course covers every fundamental concept of Java and one thing we like about this course, they explain the programming part in an easy way.

what will you learn

Here is the Codecademy Java course syllabus:

  • Introduction part
  • Variables
  • Object-Oriented Java
  • Conditional and control flow
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • Loops
  • Strings Methods
  • Access, Encapsulation, and Static Methods
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Debugging
  • Two-Dimensional Arrays

3.Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization by Coursera

Cost: Free trial available

Suitable for: Advance

Certificate: Yes

This Coursera course is offered by Duke University and the University of California San Diego.

To be clear, this course is for those who already have some fundamental knowledge of Java and want to sharpen their programming skills in Java.

Unlike other courses in this list, this course will take 5 months to complete and after completion, you will also get a certificate which is very beneficial as an Indian student.

What will you learn

As this course is for advanced learners, the topics they cover are also advance.

  • Project overview
  • Starting the Project
  • Graphical output
  • Inheritance
  • Searching and Sorting: from code to Algorithms

4.Java Programming for Complete Beginners by Udemy


Suitable for: Beginners

Certificate: Yes

This is another popular course among Indian students to learn Java. It is not as long as the previous courses but it is the most beginner-friendly course on this list. Even if you don’t know the basics, you can start with this course.

With over 1 lakh enrolled students and 4.6 ratings. I am sure, once you will complete this course you will definitely read and write the java programs.

What will you learn

The content of this 31-hour course is as follow:

  • Installing of java
  • Introduction of Java
  • Conditional,Loops,Arrays
  • Collections in Java Programming
  • Generics in Java Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Concurrency and Atomic Operations
  • Spring Boot

5.Java Programming by Greatlearning.in

Cost: Free

Suitable for: Beginners

Certificate: No

if you don’t want to pay a penny then Greatlearning.in servers an introduction to Java. This 2 hours course teaches you some of the basic questions of Java-like what is Java, how to install Java, and what is the purpose of Java.

One major drawback is they don’t teach you the practical implementation of Java programs. However, if you want to start from zero, then this free course from Greatlearning.in is best to start with.

What will you learn

In this short course following topics cover:

  • What is Java
  • Install Java and Java IDE
  • First Java Program
  • Variables and Data types in Java
  • Operators in Java
  • Flow control statements in Java
  • Functions in Java

6.Java In-Depth by Udemy

Cost: 700

Suitable for: Beginner

Certificate: Yes

As the name suggests, this is an in-depth course to learn Java offered by Udemy.

The instructor Dheeru mundluru is an expert in Java, will teach you from scratch, and help you become a complete and professional java engineer right by the end of this course.

This course of 67 hours is the second-longest course on the list.

What will you learn

As I said all topics are covered in-depth. Here is a list of concepts:

  • Language basics
  • Classes,Objects
  • Methods building blocks:operators and control flow statements
  • Programming with eclispse ide
  • Case study

And more you can check here

7. The Complete Java Development Bootcamp

Cost: 700

Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: Yes

This course is the most suitable for Indian students since all the topics of your textbook are covered in this course. So, if you wish to gain a clear understanding of every topic, then this course is the best choice.

This course is the highest-rated course on our list at 4.8 out of 5. However, it does not have as many enrolled students as some of the other courses on the list, but it has lots of quality to mention.

I also like to point out that Udemy comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if you are not happy with the course, you will get your money back.

What will you learn

The topic covered in this course is as follow:

  • Fundamentals of java
  • Variables
  • Boolean and conditionals
  • Funtions
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Unit testing and streams
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Concurrency and multithreading
  • Capstone project

8.Java Language Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Cost: 10 Days Free Trial

Suitable for: Beginners

Certificate: Yes (if you sign up for paid version)

You might not familiar with Pluralsight but this is one of the greatest platforms to learn technology-based courses.

They also offer a Java course that is taught by famous instructor Jim Wilson who has experience of more than 30 years. The course is fully dedicated to those who want to build their career in Java and looking for Java-based development jobs like server sight development and client-side development.

What will you learn

The course Syllabus is as follow:

  • Introduction of Java
  • Variables,Data Types,and Math Operators
  • Practical implementation of Java

Wrap up

Now you have a proper list of Java online courses to explore your knowledge. It is important to get started with some of the courses along with your college and school textbook because live online classes help you understand every concept easily.

I personally recommended any of the Udemy courses, if you are new to java then Greatlearning.in offers a free course that helps you to understand the basics of Java.

That is it – if you like any of the courses please share this with your friends.