9 Best Artificial Intelligence Online Course in India

No doubt, Artificial intelligence is booming in India, and by the end of 2035 AI have a huge potential to add US$947 million to India’s economy.

Moreover, if you are a student looking for a highly demanding data science course, then Artificial Intelligence is the best one. According to the prediction, there will be 6 lakh Artificial Intelligence JOBS in India in the coming years.

With so many opportunities, if you’ve decided to learn Artificial Intelligence through online courses, then we have listed some of the most popular courses out there. Some of them also offer certificates.

So, without further ado, let’s jump to the list.

The 9 Best Online Artificial Intelligence Course in India in 2021

Check out my list of best Artificial intelligence courses in India

  1. Google Artificial Intelligence Course
  2. Post graduate program in artificial intelligence by Greatlearning.in
  3. Post graduate program in artificial intelligence and machine learning by simplilearn
  4. Artificial Intelligence A-Z by Udemy
  5. AI for everyone by Coursera
  6. G-BITS Pilani Artificial Intelligence online course
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence by Edureka
  8. Post graduatee program in A.I and Machine Learning by Upgrad
  9. Master the Fundamental of AI and Machine learning by Linkedin learning

1.Google Artificial Intelligence Course

Cost: Free

Suitable for: Beginners

Certificate: YES

Google, the god of the Internet, recently launched a free Artificial Intelligence course that also gives you a certificate if you complete 90% of the exercise and get at least 50% correct.

Founded by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, the total registered students have crossed 555000+ mark all over the world. Plus, As a beginner, you don’t require any prior coding experience to understand this course.

This 30 hours and 6 modules course help you grab the basics of artificial intelligence like what is AI, what can be done with AI, And how to start creating AI methods.

With my own experience, this is the right course to learn AI fundamentals.

What will you learn

  • What is AI?
  • AI problem solving
  • Real world AI
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Implications

2.Post Graduate program in Artificial Intelligence by Greatlearning.in


Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: Yes

One solid reason why we put this Greatlearing AI course in the second position is that they offer most hiring partners (500+), which means you have the greatest chance of being hired by one of these companies after completing the course. 

This 12-month and 225-hour course is taught by world-renowned faculty like Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, one of the well-known names in the AI field.

Furthermore, this AI program offers a variety of courses according to the level of students, so if you are an advanced learner you can select a higher-level course.

They also offer the option of working with live expert mentors who clear your doubts and guide you through the process. Aside from that, they also provide proof of graduation from two renowned universities: The university of texas at Austin and The Great lake university.

What will you learn?

The course covers the following topics

  • Python 1 and 2
  • Statics
  • Machine learning section
  • Introduction to neural networks and Deep Learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing

3.Post-Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Simplilearn


Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: Yes

Simplilearn provides the top-rated Artificial Intelligence online course in India. Collaborated with the well-known IBM, Simplilearn course is fully dedicated for the student who wants to become an expert in AI.

Their live stream class of 190+ hours is full of expert teachers that will help you understand every concept deeply and handle your query on the live sessions.

Plus, after completion, they also provide job assistance that will help you in finding the job, and this post-graduate program of Simplilearn lets you play with real-life AI projects like dots of twitter.

For an Indian student, this Simplilearn course is one of the best choices because we have checked many student’s reviews and finally came to the conclusion listed here.

what will you learn

The course is divided into 9 sessions 

Here is an overview

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence course
  • Data science with python
  • Machine learning
  • Deep Learing with keras and tensorflow
  • Advanced deep learning and computer vision
  • AI capstone project
  • Natural language processing
  • Industry master class – artificial intelligence
  • Python for data science

4.Artificial Intelligence A-Z by Udemy

Cost: 700

Suitable for: Beginner

Certificate: Yes

Our team strongly encourages new learners to start with this Udemy course to learn AI in India. This is the most affordable course on the list and you will learn everything you need to kick off your career in Artificial Intelligence.

With more than 1.5 lakh students enrolled and 4.4 ratings, The instructors Kirill eremenko, the specialist data scientist did his best to make this course a world-class level.

In this course, you can deal with how AI solves real-world problems like creating AI to beat the game in Breakout, pass a level in Doom and create logic for self-driving cars.

What will you learn

This long course of 16 hours is divided into four parts and the topic they cover is as follow:

Part 0:Fundamentals of the AI 

Part 1: Deep Q- Learning

Part 2: Deep Convolutional  Q -Learning

Part 3:practical field of A3c

 To access this course you only required the basic knowledge of python and mathematics.

5.AI course for everyone by Coursera

Cost: Free trial

Suitable for: Beginner

Certificate: Yes

You are amazed to know that this course is taken by 6 lakh students and as the name suggests, it is for everyone means you don’t require prior coding knowledge to understand this course.

The instructor Andrew ng is a veteran in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence and created 31 different technology-related courses to help you.

In the first few videos, you will learn the fundamentals of AI and then you will learn how to implement AI in practical projects.

Here is the detail of the course

What will you learn

In this 7-hour course, the topics they cover are as following

  • what is AI
  • Building AI projects
  • Buildiing AI in your company
  • AI and society

6.G-BITS Pilani Artificial intelligence online course


Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: Yes

This Rajasthan-based university is famous for its B.Tech but now also offers Artificial intelligence and machine learning online post-graduation programs. Bits Pilani is another well-established organization in India.

Their 11 months course is one of the longest duration courses where they provide live classes and the facility of online exams.

Plus, in the 8th week, they offer a capstone project where you will work towards solving a data science under the mentorship of bits Pilani faculty members.

In final words, this is the complete course to enhance your AI skills that will help you find a job. Most importantly, the faculty are well educated.

what will you learn

This 11-month course consists 6 courses and a capstone

  • Course 1 contain detailed overview of basic tools of Artificial Intelligence
  • Course 2 contain Engineering purpose of Artificial Intelligence
  • Course 3 covers concept such as ensemble method like bagging, boosting, random forest
  • course 4 clear the concept of data mining
  • Course 5 contain text mining
  • Course 6 explain deep learning

7.Post-Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence by Edureka

Cost: 13,125 per month

suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

certificate: YES

Edureka offers AI courses in association with NIT Warangal, one of the top five NITS in India. During this AI course, you will learn everything you need to become an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

The Course curriculum is designed by NIT Warangal which is most suitable for Indian students. Plus, you will also get a certificate after completion of the course.

However, there is certain limitation before taking this course:

  • you should have studied PCM in 10+2
  • must understand basic language
  • undergraduate degree like BCA,B.TECH, B.SC

What will you learn

You will following important lesson on this course

  • Basic of python
  • Deep learning
  • Natural Language Processing

8.Post-graduate program in AI by Upgrad

Cost: 2,99,000

Suitable for: Beginner to advanced

Certificate: Yes

No doubt, upgrad offer high-level course for Indian students. As AI is booming in the world, they have created high-level courses on Artificial Intelligence with the partnership of IIT Bangalore. 

Whether you passed 12th with PCM, or undergraduate of Btech, all are eligible to access this course.

The world-famous faculties will cover every topic within 12 months, but you must check the starting date of the course before enrollment.

In final words, we have also seen some positive reviews from students of Upgrad AI course. They said almost 77% of upgrad AI learners got a hike on their career which is great.

What will you learn

  • Artificial Intelligence tools kit
  • Statics and Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Machine learning part 1 and 2
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language processing

9.Linkedin course of AI

Cost: Free trial available

Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced

Certificate: No

Like other courses I mentioned above, LinkedIn does not provide long durations courses for AI. They offer packages of short courses of 2 hours that cover almost everything you need to know about AI.

All the courses are pre-recorded and taught by experts in the industry. The combinations of four courses that I found suitable for are every AI learner

To be clear, Linkedin AI courses will not make you an expert in AI, But they will help you sharpen your basics. and also it doesn’t take you precious time to complete.

What will you learn

The combo of four-course contain:

  • Artificial Intelligence Foundation
  • Deep learning

Final thought

we hope this article helped you find the best great course to learn Artificial Intelligence and if you ask our point of view about best Artificial Intelligence course.

I always choose udemy course because they are affortbale and easily understable.

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