7 Best Free Online Cyber Security Courses with Certificate in India

Are you looking for a cybersecurity course with a certificate in India?

As the internet users increase day by day in India and lots of people doing online shopping using their credit cards it is the greatest chance that hackers trying to steal their private information.

And to protect private information we need a cybersecurity expert even big organizations started hiring cybersecurity experts to protect their customer’s private data.

The point is, There is a good chance to learn cybersecurity and start a new career. Today, after did some research we have listed the 7 best free cybersecurity courses with certificates in India.

Let’s dive right into it.


This first course I put on top of this list is offered by the government of India with a certificate. Due to the increasing number of cybercrime cases, the government of India brings the cyber security course for free to aware the people. However, this course is not a higher-level course but if you are starting from the root of cyber security this course is for you.

And plus point is that after completion of this course you will get a government-approved certificate.

In final words, the only reason to mention this course on this list is that it is offered by the government of India with a certificate. However, this is not an ideal course to learn cybersecurity but below in the list I have listed there are the perfect free course of cyber security that also give you some material that you can get from paid courses.

what will you learn

Once you sign up for this course you will learn the following topics

  • Basics of cybersecurity
  • Need of Cyber security in india
  • encrption and discriptions

2.Greatlearning.in – Introduction to Cyber Security

This is another free course for Indian students to learn the basic skill of cybersecurity. The short duration course of 2 hours contains the basic concepts of cybersecurity.

With 37396 registered learners shows the trust of students in this course. All the topics are covered in a video form that let to understand easily. Plus, one quiz that will help you test your skill.

What will you learn

As I said this is the perfect course for beginners to start from zero level

  • what is Cyber Security
  • types of attacks
  • Introduction to Cryptograpy
  • Designing of Security System

3.Swayam -Cyber Security Course

If you don’t know, Swayam is a registered online learning platform created by the Indian government that offers numerous types of courses including cyber security. The course is taught by Dr.G.Padmavati, who is the one of famous faculty in Coimbatore college.

The total number of enrolled is 14775 till the date of this writing. This course is for those who interesting in fundamentals knowledge in cyber security is essential for both personal and professional life. You don’t require any prior knowledge to grab the information they provide.

Additionally, you will also get a government-approved certificate.

What will you learn

This 15-week course covers everything you need to become a cyber security expert. The following the main topic they cover:

  • start with the introduction
  • cyber attack basics
  • intrucsion detection and prevention systems
  • Biometric systems
  • web and mobile security systems

4.Swayam-Cyber Security Tools Techniques and Counter Meaures

This is the second on our list offered through the government platform Swayam. Taught by prof. Dr.Nilesh K Modi from Ahmedabad University, Gujrat.

This course is not as popular as the above Syayam course but it better to get a certificate for free. By taking the training of 12 weeks you will definitely start your career in cybersecurity.

What will you learn

  • Cyber Security Essentials.
  • Cyber Security Framework
  • Attacks on Wireless Networks,Web Attack,
  • Cyber Security Assurance Framework
  • E- Commerce and Web- Application Security

5.Edx -Introduction to Cybersecurity

If you are looking to get a cybersecurity certificate outside India then this is the right course offered by the University of Washington with the collaboration of Edx.

With a large number of enrolled students (91,349)all over the world, this course is ideal for beginner-level learners who are curious about the world of internet security.

The course is self-paced and completed in 6 weeks, taught by the director of the University of Washington Barbara Endicott Popovsky.

However, one downside of this course is that you have to pay for the certificate.

What will you learn

As the name suggests, this is the introductory level course cover topic like:

  • Defination of key terms and concepts in the field of cybersecurity
  • Different types of actions to controls different threats actors
  • Describe the differences and interactions among international agencies related to cybersecurity

6.Simplilearn-Cyber Security Full Course

Simplilearn is a famous programming course provider in India, they offer various types of programming language courses with certificates.

But this time for cybersecurity learners, they offer a comprehensive youtube video course of 12 hours to explain various aspects of cybersecurity. as this is the youtube video, you don’t get certificate.

Along with covering a wide range of basics of cybersecurity topics, the Simplilearn youtube video also covers the cyber hacking project that will help you better understand the concepts that you have learned this far.

What will you learn

  • What is Cyber Security
  • Malware attack
  • Phishing demo
  • Password attack and types
  • Ethical hacking

7.Mobile App Security- Cybrary

This is one of its own kind of security course. You surely using Apps on your mobile and our nature is we donot think about the security of Apps. This short duration course of one hour will teach you everything that you need to take care will using mobile.

This course is taught by cybersecurity expert Tony Ramirez, along with a certificate.

What will you learn

  • Understand the basics of the mobile threat landscape
  • Explain the types of recommended testing for mobile app security
  • Develop security baseline within their organization

Final Words

As you can see, a cybersecurity course is a popular option in India to start a new career.it is the need of many online organizations and businesses.

And it is better to start with the free option available to learn cybersecurity. The course I listed above understands the basics.