9 Best Stock Trading Courses in India

Looking for the best stock market course in India to join the thousands of Indians who earn decent money on the stock market in India?

When it comes to buying and selling stocks, there are two popular exchanges one is the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The NSE is the larger of the two exchanges and is also based in Mumbai, while the BSE is based in Mumbai and also serves as the primary market for shares traded in India. It’s important to remember that Indian stocks are relatively volatile compared to those in other countries, so it’s important to do your homework before investing money into them. 

For help with trading stocks, there are so many online and offline courses available, and before you dive into the sea of trading, you should know the basics of the market.

And today we have compiled the list of stock trading courses that are taught by industry experts.

So, let’s begin.

9 Best Stock Trading Courses in India

The following are the best stock market course in India available.

1. Certification in Stock Market Trading in India [NSE]

As the graph of new traders is keeping rising, the biggest exchange decided to create a course for successful trading.

NSE offers an online certificate course that teaches students about stock market strategies. This course is designed for beginner investors and provides a comprehensive overview of the stock market.

The course covers topics such as fundamental analysis, investment analysis, and portfolio management. The online certificate program is offered in a self-paced format, which allows students to learn at their own pace. NSE also offers support materials, including quizzes and exercises, to help students reinforce their learning.

The course is divided into 70 video lectures and you can access your account for a lifetime.

Topics covered in this stock trading course are:

  • You will learn about capital markets
  • Understand the basics of fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis of market
  • Learn about Financial Planning in the stock market

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 8,000

Mode: Online

2. Stock Market Course for Beginner Traders [IFMC]

Next on the list is a certified online stock market course offered by a registered institute. The course is well structured and taught by stock market professionals.

If you don’t know, IFMC is one of the leading institutes that offer various types of financial certificates.

In 9 months duration, The course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use technical indicators, as well as strategies for trading stocks. In addition, the IFMC Institute offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its courses, so students can be sure that they are getting the most out of their investment.

At the time of this writing, there are 9,500 students enrolled in the course. After completing the course, students will be able to trade stocks confidently and effectively using technical analysis.

Topics covered in this stock market course are:

  • Learn the basics of the stock market in India
  • Understand the unidirectional trading strategies 
  • Learn how to understand the fundamental analysis
  • Different technical analysis

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Vary according to the course

Mode: Online

3.Stock Trading Course for Beginners [NTA]

If you are looking to start investing in the stock market, and you don’t know where to start, then NTA’s online stock market course is perfect for you. The course is designed for beginners, and it will teach you the basics of trading stocks. You will learn about the different types of stocks, how to buy and sell them, and how to make money from your investments. The course is available in Hindi, so it will be easy for you to follow.

The course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can get your money back, and you will receive a certificate of completion.

Topics covered in this beginner-friendly stock market course are:

  • Learn how to trade in India
  • Understand the charts of market 
  • What is technical analysis 
  • Under the structure of the candlestick chart
  • You will learn different strategies like pullback setup, sure shot setup, and golden plan back setup

Certificate: Yes


Mode: Online

4. Stock Trading Strategies [Udemy]

In order to trade successfully in the stock market learning, the right strategies are very important, this course will teach you how to analyze the market and implement the right strategies. In the course, Jyoti Bansal, who is a certified technical analyst from NSE and NSIM in India, will teach you proper planning for making the most profit on the stock market.

You can imagine the popularity of the course by counting the number of students enrolled at the time of this post, which is 35,479.

Overall, this is an excellent course for beginners to learn advanced stock trading strategies.

Topics covered in this stock trading course are:

  • You will learn the basics of stock trading 
  • Understand different types of strategies such as divergence strategies, moving average strategies, and chart pattern strategies.
  • Also learn about Heikin Ashi strategies, Fibonacci strategies, and dip trip strategy
  • And in the end, you will learn some advanced stock trading tips

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

5. Stock Market Trading Complete Course [Udemy]

This is another comprehensive course offered by the millionaire investor Steve Ballinger.

Steve is a well-known personality in the world of finance and walks you through every aspect of the stock market.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively promote your stocks through technical analysis and chart analysis. You will also learn about risk and how to mitigate it. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning how to make money in the stock market.

The course is 12 hours long and enrolled by 17,809 students.

Topics covered in the course are:

  • You will learn technical analysis of the stock market
  • Understand candlesticks
  • Trend lines basics
  • Chart Pattern Recognition
  • Volatility in the stock market
  • How to manage your trades for success

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

6. Stock Market Fundamentals [Skillshare]

This is another comprehensive course for beginners offered by the veteran trader zac Hartey, he has years of experience in the stock market and knows how to become a profitable trader.

In this course, he covers some hot topics of trading such as trading lines and types of analysis.

At the time of this writing, the total number of students enrolled for the course is 12,356, and takes your 10hr to complete.

However, the course is totally free but to get a certificate you have to pay.

Topics covered in this stock market fundamental course are:

  • Learn about how the stock market works
  • Understand the strategy for profitable trading
  • How to read the chart

Certificate: Pay for the certificate

Fees: Free trial available

Mode: Online

7. Advanced Stock Trading Course [Udemy]

The course is designed by Mohsen Haseen, a passionate financial trader.

This course is great for intermediate and advanced learners. You will learn different approaches to analyzing data, and how to build your own trading strategies.

As I mentioned above the instructor of the course is very famous and offer numerous type of financial-related courses so the number of enrolled students is also high.

The course is 10 hr long and divided into 7 sections.

Topics covered in this fundamental stock market course are:

  • Understand the tiny subjects of the stock market
  • How to evaluate different financial statements
  • Learn how to formulate your own trading plan
  • Fully Understand the market’s microstructure, ECNs, and dark pools
  • How to interpret the use of technical analysis, charts, and indicators

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

8. Free Stock Market Trading for Beginners [Udmey]

When it comes to the stock market, there’s a lot of information and misinformation floating around. If you’re new to the stock market, it can be tough to determine what’s true and what’s not. That’s where an online free stock market course can come in handy.

This is an online free stock market course that can teach you everything you need to know about the stock market, from the basics to more advanced topics. This is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to invest in stocks, or for experienced investors who want to learn more about specific aspects of the stock market.

The course is another free course to learn stock trading in India. The course is created by john Ducas and enrolled by record-breaking students 335,952.

Topics covered in this free stock trading course are:

  • You will learn the basics of stock marketing
  • How to learn from legendary investors
  • How to reading financial statements
  • Right investing strategies

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Mode: Online

9. Beginner’s Guide to Stock Terminology [Udemy]

This is another free course from Udemy that is designed for beginners. When you first start in the stock market, it is important to understand the basic terminology.

This course covers the basics of the stock market and different ways to trade. Although this course lasts only 31 minutes, 31,572 students are enrolled.

Overall, this course gives you an overview of the stock market.

Topics covered in the free stock market course are:

  • Learn basics of stock market
  • How the stock market works
  • Understand the reason how stock prices go up and down
  • Learn how to read a stock chart

Certificate: NO

Fees: Free

Mode: Online