11 Best Options Trading Course in India [Free and Paid]

Looking for the best options trading course in India?

In India, option trading is gaining popularity over other types of trading due to the high return on investment. You can buy or sell stocks using options trading at a specific price and date. 

The most common types of options are “calls” and “puts.” A call option gives the holder the right to buy shares of the underlying security at a predetermined price (the “strike price”) on or before a certain date (the “expiration date”). A put option gives the holder the right to sell shares of the underlying security at a predetermined price on or before expiration. 

However, you will gain more money with options trading, but the risk is also higher. Before you begin with options trading, you need to learn the basics.

Expert options traders with years of experience in trading offer the course. The list of best options trading courses includes fees, duration, and topics covered, and these courses also help you learn all options trading strategies such as covered call, married put, strangle, and iron butterfly.

Let’s jump right in:

What are the Best Options Trading Courses in India?

The following are some of the best options trading courses in India.

1. Kundan Kishore Option Trading for Advanced Trader

The first option trading course is offered by Kundan Kishore, who is a leading options trader providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills. The course consists of 90+ videos, including recorded videos, Zoom sessions, and live sections. Upon enrolling in the course, you will learn various strategies such as covered calls, married puts, strangles, iron butterflies, and more. The course emphasizes practical examples, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises, aiming to equip you with the necessary tools and confidence to effectively navigate the options market. One of the best parts of the course is that it is available in both Hindi and English.

Topic covered in Kundan Kishore option trading course

  • Introduction to Options Trading
  • Basics of Options: Calls and Puts
  • Option Pricing and Greeks
  • Options Strategies Overview
  • Covered Call Strategy
  • Married Put Strategy
  • Strangle Strategy
  • Iron Butterfly Strategy
  • Bullish and Bearish Strategies
  • Advanced Options Trading Techniques
  • Risk Management in Options Trading
  • Technical Analysis for Options Trading

Certificate: No

Fee: INR 9500

Mode: Online

2. Options Trading for Beginners by Fingrad

Fingrad offers a beginner-friendly option trading course. If you are unfamiliar with Fingrad, it serves as a hub for experts who teach various types of trading courses.
There are three courses available on Fingrad that you can enroll in to learn options trading at beginner and advanced levels. The main instructors for these courses are Hitesh Singhi, Kunal Patel, and CA Mohit Gupta. The course takes 3.5 hours to complete and includes video lectures and PDF materials.

Topic covered in options trading course:

  • Call options
  • Put options
  • Strike price
  • Different terminologies in options trading
  • Options value calculations
  • Popular options trading strategies

3. Online Options Trading Workshops [P R Sundar]

The second course on the list is offered by the most famous options and stock market personality in India, PR Sundar. He earns his living through options trading and recently launched a two-day online options trading course.

The course teaches you the art of making money consistently and more importantly the art of not losing money in adverse situations using unique strategies.

The course is 50% pre-recorded and 50% live sessions through Zoom. You can ask any questions during the live sessions of the course.

However, the course is very expensive, we don’t recommend it for beginners.

Topics covered in this professional options trading course are:

  • You will learn intermediate-level option trader
  • Learn how to trade strategies for definite gain
  • You learn in-depth about different strategies such as buying calls and buying puts.

Certificate: No

Fee: 70000

Mode: Online

4. Options Trading Masterclass for Beginners [Udemy]

The third course is a masterclass on options trading. The course is created by Joyti Bansal, she is a certified technical analyst and investment adviser in India.

Plus, she is also associated with big brands such as ICICI Securities, Birla sun life, and Reliance. So, Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in options trading, this is the in-depth course for you.

During options trading, the most difficult part is analyzing the technical staff. The course includes all the tiny aspects that will teach you everything about the market.

As of this writing, there are 34,825 students registered for the course.

Topics covered in this options trading course are:

  • You will basics of options trading
  • You will learn the basics of equity options
  • You will learn about long call risk profiles and short call risk profile
  • You will learn about technical terms like trend concept, trend lines, RSI, divergence, and Bollinger band
  • Learn about neutral strategies in option trading

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 499

Mode: Online

4. Options Trading in Plain English for Beginners

To learn options trading, I highly recommend this course.

This course teaches you options trading from A to Z and it is specially designed for beginners. During the 22 hours course, you will learn about options markets and trading strategies effectively and profitably.

However, the instructor does not reveal his name, but he has more than a dozen students enrolled, and positive reviews attract me to mention it.

Overall, this is the best course for beginners who don’t know anything about options trading.

Topics covered in this master trading course are:

  • The course teaches you how to create a demo account and download an options training platform to gain access to the option market
  • You will understand the foundations of options makers and learn about strategy, protection, speculation, leverage, and income-generating instruments.
  • Learn about different factors that determine options prices like strike price, time of expiration, implied volatility, dividends, and interest rate

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

4. Certification in Online Options Trading Strategies [ NSE India]

This is another certified course to learn options trading strategies in India. As you know, Options trading is risky but you don’t have to be a pro to understand every detail. This options trading course is created by experts in India and teaches you how to be profitable in the options market.

All the videos are pre-recorded and take 5 hours to complete.

Topics covered in this options trading course are:

  • You will learn the terminology used in option trading
  • Understand the technical analysis of option trading
  • Learn about put and call options
  • You will learn about open interest and rollover
  • Understand bull and bear spread strategies
  • The course teaches you butterfly, volatile, and non-volatile strategies

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

5. OptionsGeek [Professional Options Trading Course]

If you want to learn options trading from an international professional trader, then this is the right course for you.

With the tagline “profit like the top 1%, the course is offered by Felix Frey. He has 20 years of the trading industry and is associated with big names such as Benzinga options trading Bootcamp.

His approach to options trading can be described as straightforward and easy to grasp. Rather than using complex options Greek formulas, he simplifies options trading with his one-of-a-kind swing trading course.

Topics covered in the options trading course are:

  • You will learn the basics nuts and bolts of options trading
  • Factors that affect options pricing
  • Introductions of call and put options
  • Learn about strategies to make the maximum profit

Certificate: No

Fees: $169 Basic plan

Mode: Online

6. SimplerTrading [ Option Trading Course]

In this course, a group of successful options traders shared their experiences.

Founded in 1999 by John Carter, this course has reached new heights of success. The students who have taken the course have a high success rate.

At the time of this writing, more than 5000 students have taken this course.

The course is beginner-friendly and the instructor helps you with every aspect of options trading.

Additionally, the teams organize 80 webinars per year to make you an even better options trader.

Topics covered in this options trading course are:

  • Introduction of options trading
  • You how experts make the strategies
  • Learn the basics for technical analysis of options trading
  • Learn in detail different strategies like put and call

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Different plans are available

Mode: Online

7. OptionStrategiesInsider

This is another comprehensive course to learn options trading offered by the professional international trader, Chris Douthit. He is a former Goldman Sachs employee who has experience on Wall Street, as well as in other big businesses.

The strategies he explains in this course have a success rate of 90%, which means that you will have a proper understanding of how the options market works.

One best thing about the course is you can access the full service for 7 days for $7.

Topics covered in this options trading course are:

The course is divided into 3 levels beginner, advanced, intermediate

  • A short introduction of options
  • How to read options
  • Factors that affect the options trading
  • Learn about different strategies like covered call, married put, bull call spread, protective collar and bear put spread
  •  In advanced options strategies, you will learn long vertical spread, short vertical spread, iron condor, butterfly spread, and many more

Certificate: Yes

Fees: $97 basic plan price

Mode: Online

8. Options Trading Basics [Beginners Course]

This is an online options trading basics course that teaches you the basics of options trading strategies, such as call and puts. The course is created by Hari Swaminathan and has been enrolled by over 42,316 students.

In this course, you will learn about different types of options, how to trade them, and the risks associated with each type. You will also learn about basic options strategies and how to use them to your advantage. The course is designed for beginners who want to learn how to trade options successfully.

Overall, this is the best course to learn options trading for Indians affordably.

Topics covered in this basics options trading course are:

  • You will learn about In money (ITM), At money (ATM), and Out of Money (OTM) option
  • Learn about buyer and seller risk profiles
  • Learn about options screens, options chains, expiry series, and call option layout

Certificate: Yes

Fees: 700

Mode: Online

9. Trading Options For Consistent Returns [Free]

This Udemy free online options trading course is perfect for beginners.

The course is created by Stephen Burnich, one of the industry’s leading experts, and it’s packed with information and tips that will help you become a successful options trader.

The course will teach you everything you need to know about this complex investment strategy, including how to find the best markets to trade in and how to use option contracts to make money. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, Udemy’s free online options trading course is worth checking out.

Topics covered in this free options trading course are:

  • You will learn the basics of options trading
  • The difference between stock and option trading
  • How to imply Volatility
  • How to start trading option

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Mode: Online

10. Introduction to options trading [Free Course for Beginners]

This is another free options trading course of Udemy created by Samuel McCulloch and enrolled by 15727. The course is designed to teach students how to trade options and intraday trading using a range of strategies. It starts with the basics of options trading, such as what an option is, how it works, and how to identify potential trades.

You are also taught how to use indicators and order tickets to improve your odds of success. By the end of the course, you will be able to trade options successfully on your own.

The course takes you 4 hours to complete.

Topics covered in this free options trading course are:

  • You will learn about the money pyramid, buying options, buying calls, buying puts
  • You will learn about buying naked calls, buying naked puts
  • You will learn about buying debit spreads and credit spread

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Mode: Online

11. Options Trading Simplified- [Introductory Free Course]

Options contracts are versatile financial instruments that can be used to achieve a variety of investment goals. This free basic course will introduce you to the basics of options contracts and related terms.

This course will provide an overview of option contracts, including the key features and benefits of this versatile financial instrument. We’ll also cover the options market and discuss how options traders access and use this market to achieve their investment goals.

Topics covered in this free options trading course:

  • You will learn the basics of option trading
  • You will learn about basic option terminologies such as option chain, expiry date, strike price, and contract size
  • How o use call and put options in the real world

Certificate: Yes

Fees: Free

Mode: Online