7 Best Online Carrer Counselling Courses in India

Thinking to become a career counselor in India?

Great choice!

It’s interesting to know that currently, there are less than 1000 trained career counselors in India. But as per the India Today report, we need 1.4 million career counselors in the next ten years.

As India has the second largest population in the world and the capacity of youth is increasing day by day. Currently, 400 million youth populations and almost 3 million students graduate every year. And it’s also a true, huge part of them not being able to get their dream jobs.

Career counselors will play an important role to build the career of Indian Students.

So, I have put together this guide to list the best career counselor online courses on the market right now. With this list, you can find the right career counselor course.

Let’s get started.

1.Guidance and Counselling by SWAYAM

The government is the best place to learn career guidance because they know the future prospects in the country and boost the students’ self-belief. In this government-approved course, you will learn from Dr. Rajandera, the head of Chennai’s career counseling center, although this course will not make you a career counselor expert, it will teach you the basics of career counseling for free.

4 weeks of this course are divided into 4 parts, and you will cover the following topics during each session.

  • Introduction of counselling
  • How to read the student psychology
  • Live video demonstration on counselling to students
  • Assesment techniques in guidance and counselling

You can enroll in this course for free and if you want a certificate you must write the proctored exam. Check the criteria before taking the exam.

Certificate: YES

Enrolled students: 3942

Cost: Free

2.Global Carrer Counsellor Certification

This counselling online certificate course is best for those who are serious about their career. The course gives you a clear vision of the current status of the market and presents opportunities available for the students. Whether your students study on CBSE, ICSE, OR other state boards you have a clear understanding of how to guide them for the right career in the future.

Furthermore, the course covers the following topic in detail.

  • Overview of career conseling in india
  • The career opporunites in social sciences and humanities
  • The career opporunites in arts,commerece,armed force
  • studying in USA,UK,Canada,Australia,Singapore and Germany

Certificate: Yes

Enrolled student:5,720


Overall, this is the complete course to become a career counselor in India. The course contains 18 modules

3.Certified Carrer Analyst

This is another certified course for career counselors offered by Edumilestones. In the earlier stages, the organizations offer advice to the students about their careers, but as they gain experience, they offer certifications for career counseling.

Since 2010, it has been serving as a certified career counseling organization. The course will be delivered by highly experienced career mentors who are considered the best trainer in the industry.

And according to google certified career analyst is the highest-rated certificate in India.

  • Introduction to carrer counseling industry
  • Core methodology for multiple dimensions carrer analysis
  • Carrer analysis and career counseling for 5th class students
  • They find out suitable college for a student
  • Step by step flow of actual career counseling
  • Understanding the expectations and problem statements

Certificate: YES

Enrolled students: No mentioned

Cost: Contact to support team

4.Certified Carrer Counseller by Idreamcarrer

The only course on the list that promises to earn you up to 550000 per month as a career counselor.No doubt, this course is created by the best career counselors in India and they are working in different sectors of the country to find job opportunities. Now through this course, they help many new carrer counselors by teaching every tactic.

In the online course of 80 hours and 15 modules, you will learn:

  • Introduction to career conseliing instustry.
  • How to analysis the multiple dimensions of the career
  • How to aware to class 9 to 10 class student about new carrer oppounities.
  • How to create career counselling flow chart
  • Lead generation strategies

And after completing this course, you will appear on the CCA exam.

Certificate: YES

Enrolled students: Thousand of students got a certificate

Cost: You can contact them to find the fees structure

5.Carrer Counselling Certification for Coaches and Job seekers by Udemy

The majority of Indians are not satisfied with their current job because they did not get the right ones. Lack of knowledge about the job market and improper understanding of demand cause many unsatisfied job seekers.

 The instructor of this course, Alina Sletten, has been a psychologist and business management consultant since 2012. She teaches you how to teach job seekers according to their personality, interests, and preferences.

To become a successful career counselor, you should also learn the psychology of job seekers. This course covers psychology to a great extent. Lack of knowledge and interest causes many job seekers to be unhappy.

In this 16 hours in-depth course you will learn:

  • How to know the preference of job seeker
  • How to motivate the candidate to find their dream job
  • How to Boost the confidence in an interview.
  • How to build a selling CV and targeted job application. Also you can download the template of delivering CV.

Certificate: NO

Enrolled students: 381

Cost: 700

6.International Certified Carrer Coach

If you are serious about becoming a career counselor then this is the dedicated course you must enroll in. The purpose of this course is to prepare you to work as a career counselor with class 8 and 9 students.

Basically, this career counseling certification program was created by Mindler in collaboration with two USA-based counseling associations NCDA(national career development program) AND CDA (career development agency).

Whether you have an idea of how a career counselor can help to build a career for an individual or you’re unfamiliar with the field, this is the course for you.

In this 3-level course, you will be able to participate in the 2-day live virtual training program for free and once you complete the foundation course, you will be able to enroll in the advanced course.

As I said, this course consists of three levels 

  • Free 2 days live class demonstrating this certificate program
  • During the second level of the program, experts explain the higher-level education system in India, how career counselors work, and what kinds of jobs exist for career counselors.
  • As part of the final level program, you will experience training and support from the world’s leading career counselors via webinars.

Certificate: YES

Enrolled students: 14000

Cost: Free and for a certificate, you have to pay 24,500

7.Counselling Skills Certificate Course (Beginner to Advanced)

Recommending the right career is not the only meaning of career counselor effective communication skills, wise perspectives, and how to transformational human behaviors are also the essential things you must take care of as a carrer counselor.

The course is created by the applied psychologist Kain Ramsay, who is the primary instructor. If you don’t know, Kain has been working as a mentoring, counselor trainer since 2007. As you know, Psychology of the student takes great part on carrer.

The key topics you will learn on this course are:

  • Where the ideas in Counselling come from?
  • How to investigate the student condition?
  • Conselling skills
  • Philosophy and principles fo counselling psychology

Certificate: NO

Enrolled students: 26,991

Cost: 700