Best Computer Course for CA Students in 2023

Author: Aditya, Published date: 04/09/2023

Whether you are a fresher or pursuing a CA, computer skills are essential for you. Computers are used in every aspect of the accounting profession, from preparing financial statements to managing data students proficient in using computers will be able to work more efficiently and effectively and be better equipped to adapt to the latest technological changes.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best computer courses for CA students. We will consider factors such as the course content, fee, duration, and also some tips on why the particular course is better for CA students.

So, let’s get started

Best Computer Course for CA Students in 2023

The best computer courses for CA students are:

Course Duration Fee
MS Office 1-3 monthsINR 3,000 to INR 10,000
Tally ERP1-3 monthsINR 3,000 to INR 10,000
Data Analytics1-3 months INR 1,000 to INR 10,000
SQL1-4 months INR 1,000 to INR 15,000
Digital Marketing 3-6 monthsINR 10,000 to INR 40,000

MS Office

MS Office is the first course on the list of best computer courses for CA students. Microsoft Office is a set of software that can help CA students be more efficient and successful in their studies and careers. It has different applications that can be used for different tasks, such as creating documents, storing data, and sending emails.

In an MS Office course, you will learn the basics of using Microsoft Office software, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. You will learn how to create and format documents, store and organize data, create presentations, send and receive emails, and manage your calendar. You will also learn about advanced features such as macros and VBA, the ribbon interface, and the help system.

Importance of MS Office for CA Students

MS Office is a suite of applications that has different roles for CA students.

Here are some important points:

  • Microsoft Word helps CA students to create, format, and edit documents. It can create templates for financial statements and business plans.
  • Microsoft Excel enables CA students to create complex spreadsheets for tasks such as budgeting and forecasting. It also has a library of functions and formulas that can be used to solve accounting problems in an easy way.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is used by CA students to create presentations.
  • Microsoft Outlook can be used for email management, such as sending and receiving important emails.

Fee: The MS Office course fee is INR 3,000 to INR 10,000

Tally ERP

Tally ERP is another useful course for CA students. Tally is a popular software for business management. A chartered accountant is all about business, and learning Tally can help them in a variety of tasks such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management, and payroll. Tally is also called GST software with an ideal combination of function, control, and built-in customization. So, whether you are a fresher in the CA field or looking to learn a new skill of accounting, Tally is a perfect combination for CA students and for the commerce stream students.

A Tally course will teach you the basics of accounting and how to use Tally ERP software to perform a variety of accounting tasks. You will learn about accounting concepts, Tally ERP features, GST compliance, and business management. You may also learn about more advanced topics such as data analysis, customization, and project management.

Importance of Tally Course for CA Student

  • Tally ERP can automate many accounting tasks for CA students, freeing up your time to focus on other areas.
  • Tally ERP can help you analyze financial data and make informed decisions.

Fee: The tally ERP course fee is INR 3,000 to INR 10,000

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a growing field that important in the accounting profession. CA students who are interested in data analytics can benefit from taking a data analytics course.

Data analytics courses can teach you the fundamentals of data analysis, such as data mining, machine learning, and statistical modeling. You will also learn how to use data analytics tools and techniques to extract insights from data, including data mining techniques, machine learning algorithms, statistical models, data visualization techniques, predictive analytics techniques, text analytics techniques, social media analytics techniques, business intelligence techniques, and the challenges and opportunities of big data analytics.

Importance of Data Analytics Course for CA

  • It helps CA students learn how to interpret financial data and statements through data analysis, helping them make informed decisions.
  • It helps CA students can use data mining and forecasting techniques to predict future financial trends and risks.

Fee: The data analytics course fee is INR 1,000 to INR 10,000


SQL is another essential course for CA students. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a database language that is used to manage and retrieve data from databases. SQL is essential for CA students because it is used in many accounting software applications. By learning SQL, CA students can gain the skills they need to manage and analyze data, which is important in the accounting profession.

An SQL course teaches you the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL), a database language used to manage and retrieve data from databases. You will learn how to create and manage databases, query data, filter and sort data, use functions and operators, write complex queries, and use SQL with other programming languages. You will also learn about data modeling, data normalization, and data security.

Importance of SQL Course for CA

  • It helps CA to automate tasks such as data entry and reporting.
  • it helps to analyze data to identify trends and pattern

Fee: The SQL course fee is INR 1,000 to INR 15,000

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the computer course that I recommend to CA students. As a CA student, you learn all about business. A digital marketing course teaches you how to use digital channels to promote businesses and get a good high salary course.

It includes a variety of activities, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. CA Students interested in marketing can benefit from learning about digital marketing. A digital marketing course can teach you the skills you need to create and execute effective digital marketing campaigns.

Importance of Digital Marketing Course to CA Students

  • Digital Marketing helps CA students to learn new skills for promoting the business.
  • It helps in personal branding

Fee: The digital marketing course fee is INR 10,000 to INR 40,000


Is a computer necessary for CA?

Yes, the computer is necessary for CA students. Computers are used in all aspects of the CA profession, from preparing financial statements to auditing to tax compliance. CA students who have strong computer skills will be more competitive in the job market and will be able to better utilize the latest technology in their work.

Can I become a CA without computer science?

Yes, you can become a CA without computer science. While computer science is not a mandatory subject for the CA course, it is a valuable skill to have.


Computer courses aren’t totally necessary for CA students, but taking some courses in tally, MS Office, digital marketing, SQL, and data analytics can be helpful for your career and boost your skills as a chartered accountant. These courses teach you skills that can help you be more productive and stand out from your peers. You can take any of these courses and start your journey as a CA.