7 Free Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India

Creativity is everywhere in India. For instance, a girl from a small town wants to become a fashion designer and explore her ideas, however, a lack of knowledge and clear directions are preventing her from achieving her dreams.

But things have changed in this world of the internet today, you only need a mobile and internet connection and there are many online courses that help you understand every fashion designing skill.

So, After doing some research, we have compiled the list of best fashion designing courses that will help you understand the basics of fashion designing.

7 Free Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India

Here are my top picks for the best free online fashion designing course with a certificate in India.

1.Fashion Designing Course by Oxfordhomestudy

There was a time when we only dreamt of studying at top universities, but now that we live in the internet era, that dream has changed.

For fashion designing, they offer a free course that teaches the basics of fashion. As per their reputation in the world, the class is taught by industry leaders. The only drawback is that the course is in PDF form. Once you sign up for the class, you can download the course.

Certificate: Unfortunately no certificate offer

Cost: Free

What will you learn

The course covers the following topics in-depth:

  •  Introduction of Fashion Design
  • The Elements of Design 
  • The Principles of Design

2.Diploma in Fashion Design by Alison

 As a free course, this Fashion Designing diploma online course is best to start with. The course not only teaches you the intricate points of fashion design but also gives you a diploma certificate for free which you can use on your resume to get hired.

For fashion designing lovers this is a comprehensive course of 20 hours, the instructors will teach you mainly about dress designing.

Certificate: Yes

Cost: Free

What will you learn

The course is divided into 12 different modules and teach you the following important topics:

  • Introduction to fashion design
  • history of fashion design
  • Mood boards,Design development,and Sketching
  • Understanding Textile Fibres,Yarns,and Fabrics
  • Pattern Completion,Garment Contructing and Draping Techniques
  • Marketing of product

3.Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture by Futurelearn

In Futurelearn, there are a number of fashion courses, but as per the requirements of an Indian student, this course is best suited to you. A university in France will teach you fashion tips used internationally. Additionally, you will understand how your creativity can help you succeed.

With 1555,626 enrolled students, this course comes with 4 weeks duration and takes you 3 hours per week.

Certificate: Yes


What will you learn

This course will teach something different from others like

  • Fashion and modernity
  • Treading fashion in society
  • How fashion effect lifestyle 
  • Fashion as language

4.Fashion Design by Coursera

If you have taken the above-mentioned courses and would like to become a fashion designer, then this course is for you.

This intermediate-level course is offered by the Parsons university and the instructor Keenan Duffty is an expert in the field.

Innovation of new designing techniques and how to adopt the new culture are the main area where the instructor is focused on.

Plus, to test your learning process they also offer quizzes after every section.

Certificate: Paid Certificate

Cost:Free trial version

What will you learn

The course is divided into 4 sections and cover the following topics

  • The fashion design process
  • Fashion design: a sustainable approach
  • Collaborate design
  • Fashion trends

5.Fashion Design Course by SkillShare

Skillshare offers short courses with a maximum duration of two hours. You can take different courses in the field of fashion designing, such as how to use Illustrator for fashion designing, how to create a watermark, how to market products, and how to design t-shirts.

As per the reputation of skillshare, every instructor is an expert in their field. To get an overview of the course you can play the short videos of the particular course.

Certificate: Yes

Cost:Free trail version

What will you learn

The course consists of short videos, as I mentioned above 

You can check and select your preferred one.

Final words

now it’s your choice to select the right one. if you are willing to learn from a top university then Oxfordhomestudy is the right one.

Or for further improvement, you can sign up for anyone.